BARBARA  MARIE BISSELL                                        21st May 1930 – 21st March 2020 

 Tribute to "Aunty Barbara" from niece, Christine Hadley
May 5th 2020

Barbara was born on 21st May 1930 to Clifford and Gladys Peachey.  Barbara’s father was the head gardener at Beech Court, Edgbaston, a large house owned by a colonel which had two cottages in the grounds, The Peachey family lived in one of the cottages and Barbara was the youngest of three children with her brother Eric and her sister Rene.


After leaving school, she went to work at Birmingham Accident Hospital in Bath Row in the Registry department, working both early and late shifts.


She met her future husband Wilf, on a girls’ holiday to Llandudno, staying in a B & B.  She and her friend were asked to share a table with 2 lads from Halesowen and the rest is history....Wilf was smitten!  They were married when she was almost 21 and they started married life in a flat over the Co-op in Blackheath. By this time, Wilf was working in the

Co-op Offices in Halesowen opposite the old Library and Barbara worked in the Food Co-op in Peckingham Street and then Hagley Road, where the Ameena Indian Restaurant is now.


Wilf and Barbara then bought a house in Fallowfield Road off plan.  Grandad Bissell thought they were absolutely mad at the time as it cost around £1500. 


Barbara was made redundant from the Co-op and their next door neighbour at the time was working at the Bluebird Toffee Factory in Romsley.  She told Barbara about a job that was going in the Accounts department.  She was interviewed and offered the job working afternoons every day.  She particularly enjoyed the chocolate fudge and I can remember as a child enjoying the “waste” chocolate toffees which she used to bring home.  She made some lifelong friends there, particularly Pat Bidmead who attends Short Cross, and for many years they went on various coach holidays all over Britain.


Barbara and Wilf were married for nearly 45 years before he died in 1994.  During their married life, they enjoyed many coach holidays, travelling to Scotland, Austria and Switzerland but Barbara never went on an aeroplane.  They were both regular members of Hasbury Methodist Church and enjoyed all the activities that took place over the years as part of the “Guild” and also the various plays and concerts that were performed.


Barbara was a regular church goer every Sunday until she fell and broke her hip in February 2019.  Her recovery took a while but in August of that year, she finally felt confident enough to venture out and started attending Open Door and the monthly Monday Luncheon Club again which she thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to.  She loved quiz shows particularly Tenable and she and I would have many amusing conversations about the episodes when the contestants gave particularly stupid answers!


Barbara is survived by her sister Rene who now lives in Oxford, cared for by her daughter Lindsay.  She also had 5 nieces and 3 nephews.


Barbara was quite a private person and never complained, even though after her accident, her lack of mobility and her inability to do the things she always used to do for herself, frustrated her.  My sister Sarah and I looked after her while she was housebound, spending time with her, taking her to appointments and doing shopping etc.  All this was done lovingly and willingly and I know she was very grateful for all the help she received. 


Auntie Barbara...... we will all miss you so very much

Rest in Peace






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                                                                                     Monday APRIL 2Oth  2020                                                                      Stourbridge Crematorium  at  1.30 pm

  Conducted by Rev. Peter Brown


 Entry Music – Intermezzo from  Cavalleria Rusticana by Mascagni   

   Introduction and Opening Sentences




              Hymn – The Lord’s My Shepherd


                       THE LORD’S MY SHEPHERD, I’ll not want;

                                                                         He makes me down to lie

                                                                         In pastures green; He leadeth me

                                                                         The quiet waters by.


                                                                          My soul He doth restore again;

                                                                          And me to walk doth make

                                                                          Within the paths of righteousness,

                                                                          E’en for His own name’s sake.

                                                                          Yea, though I walk in death’s dark vale,

                                                                          Yet will I fear no ill;

                                                                          For Thou art with me; and Thy rod

                                                                          And staff me comfort still.

                                                                          My table Thou hast furnishèd

                                                                          In presence of my foes;

                                                                          My head Thou dost with oil anoint,

                                                                          And my cup overflows.


                                                                          Goodness and mercy all my life

                                                                          Shall surely follow me;

                                                                         And in God’s house forever more

My dwelling place shall be. 

 Bible Reading    

                                                                        ABIDE WITH ME, fast falls the eventide;

                                                                        The darkness deepens, Lord, with me abide;

                                                                        When other helpers fail and comforts flee,

                                                                        Help of the helpless, O abide with me.


                                                                        Swift to its close ebbs out life’s little day;

                                                                        Earth’s joys grow dim, its glories pass away;

                                                                        Change and decay in all around I see;

                                                                        O Thou who changest not, abide with me.


                                                                         I need Thy presence every passing hour;

                                                                         What but Thy grace can foil the tempter’s power?

                                                                         Who like Thyself my guide and stay can be?

                                                                         Through cloud and sunshine, O abide with me.


                                                                         I fear no foe, with Thee at hand to bless;

                                                                         Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness.

                                                                         Where is death’s sting? Where, grave, thy victory?

                                                                         I triumph still, if Thou abide with me.


                                                                         Reveal Thyself before my closing eyes;

                                                                         Shine through the gloom, and point me to the skies,

                                                                         Heaven’s morning breaks, and earth’s vain shadows flee;

                                                                         In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.



      Prayers and the Lord’s Prayer


                                                                                                    Committal  - 

The Broken Chain

We little knew that day,
God was going to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly,
In death, we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you.
You did not go alone.
For part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.

You left us beautiful memories,
Your love is still our guide.
And although we cannot see you,
You are always at our side.

Our family chain is broken,
And nothing seems the same,
But as God calls us one by one,
The chain will link


                                                                                   Blessing and Closing Prayers

                                                                 Exit Music from Cavalleria Rusticana by Mascagni  


If you would like to make a donation in memory of Barbara, donations will be accepted for Action for Children

Please make cheques payable to Action for Children, and write Barbara Bissell on the back of the cheque. Send the cheques to Marcus Adams, 21 Birley Grove, Halesowen, B63 1EP