Advent Liturgy

advnet 4

 Christmas Day
The stable

  Reading: Luke 2: 6-7

     light all 5 candles


 christmas day




Reflection: Here we come to the centre of the Christmas story. The story tells us that God came to live alongside us as a child. God came to us, not waiting for us to come to Him – reaching out in love to all people.

Think back over this Advent journey. Remember the emotions of Joseph and Mary, the welcome the shepherds received, the strange gifts of the Wise Men and the reminder to wait patiently for Christmas.

Sit quietly and if you have one look at your nativity scene or your Christmas cards depicting the Christmas story. What are you thinking?

Response:  Maybe you would like to draw a heart and remember because God loved us, He gave the world the gift of Jesus. What gift would you give the world today? At some point today, light a candle and when you do this, think about the birth of Jesus and what this story means for you this Christmas.

                                                    Christmas Eve 

The star and Strange gifts

Have 4 candles already lit

Reading: Matthew 2: 1-12

Reflection: The wise men studied the stars and were excited when they saw this special star in the sky as they knew it was telling them about a special event or birth. When they saw the star appear the wise men followed it a long way and it took them another country, where it led them to Jesus. It was a long journey and the King the star led them to was different to the one they had imagined! Sometimes we have to wait patiently for special events and they seem to take ages to come.

We may think the gifts the Wise Men gave Jesus were a very strange choice for a child.  However, these gifts were carefully chosen to tell us some important news about the person the baby would become – gold for a King, incense for a priest and myrrh, a spice used in funerals, for suffering and death. These gifts were very important.

What gift would you have given Him? What gifts are you giving this Christmas? What gifts do you want to receive? Choosing suitable gifts for others can be difficult.

Response: Treat yourself to a sweet or a piece of chocolate. As you do so think about the gifts you will be giving and receiving this Christmas. What gifts are really important in your life? What do you really need? Use this time of waiting for Christmas Day to look for Jesus, you may find him in places and people you least expect!



Journey to Bethlehem


 advent 4

Sunday December 20th

Reading: Luke 2: 18-19 (light 4 Advent candles)


Reflection: What do you think was going through Mary’s mind and heart as she looked at her new baby? Did she just have the feelings any new mother would have had, excitement and concerns about looking after a new baby, or more? As she looked at her new baby sleeping in the manger, do you think she knew even then how his life was going to end up? Mary’s life had changed.  But one thing that had not changed was her trust in God. As she faced a future full of joys and tears she held on firmly to her faith in God confident that she would never be alone.

When you are faced with a challenge what do you do? Do you try and tackle it alone or do you ask a teacher, parent or friend to help you? God uses other people to help us with things we find difficult.

Response: Take a few moments to think about your own faith in God. Do you have questions and doubts about God? Give thanks that God loves you even when your faith is not that strong.



Journey to Bethlehem

                         advent 3                            

 Sunday December 13th

The Shepherds


Reading: Luke 2: 8-12 (light 3 advent candles)

Reflection: Shepherds are often treated unkindly because of the work they did. Looking after sheep meant it was difficult for them to attend worship in the synagogue.  But when Jesus was born, the Bible tells us the shepherds were the first to be told of his birth. Instead of being excluded, they were made welcome at his manger.

The story of the shepherds shows us that God’s love is for all people whoever they are and we should make everyone feel welcome. How do you treat people that you find different to you? God asks us to try and be kind to everyone, especially those who are treated unfairly – this is not always easy.

Response: If you have a piece of wool or a woolly jumper, hold it in your hand and think about the story of the shepherds. Ask God to forgive you for the times you have not treated other people kindly and you have made them feel unwelcome.



Journey to Bethlehem
The Journey

Sunday December 6th 

advent 2

Reading: Luke 2: 4-7 (light 2 advent candles)

Reflection: Mary and Joseph had to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem, it was a very long journey. Christmas is a time when many people are going on journeys to meet up with family and friends. Sometimes these journeys are difficult to make and we would rather stay in the comfort of our own homes. Meeting up with family and friends can remind us of those who we no longer see because they have died or moved to somewhere a long way away from where we live.

Think about difficult journeys people are having to make, for example soldiers going to war, families moving to new homes or those having to flee their homes, and some having to make journeys they would rather avoid. Also, during this current pandemic, there may be journeys we are unable to make this year which will be very difficult.

Have a look at a map and look at a journey someone you know will be needing to make this Christmas or during the coming year. As you do this ask God to be with them on their travels.
Maybe find a pebble or a stone to remind you of that journey.



Journey to Bethlehem


Sunday November 29th 


Reading: Matthew 1: 19 – 24 (light 1 Advent candle)


Reflection: When a messenger from God came to tell Joseph that his future wife Mary was going a have a very special baby it was a big surprise as he had not been expecting this news! Mary who he was planning to marry, was pregnant, and he was not the baby’s father! What should he do? He knew people would point the finger and criticise Mary because they would not understand what was going on, However, Joseph had the strength to do what God was asking of him and he agreed to stick by Mary even though he knew it would not be easy.


Joseph knew God would always be there to give him a helping hand. Standing up for others is not always easy, especially if others are pointing a finger. Have you ever been in a situation when friends have been picked on by others or wrongly accused, someone is upset because they are struggling with their school work or home life and others are making fun of them or you see someone in the street being picked on because they are poor or homeless…what did you do? Did you feel you could stand up for them or stick by them?


Think of someone that needs you to stand by them or to stick up for them. You may want to make a print of your finger on a small piece of card and write the words ‘Be bold, be strong for the Lord