Sunday 28th March 2021 – Zoom Sunday Service 10:30am

‘What have I learned about God during this pandemic.’

The pandemic has impacted us all in many ways and one of them for me has been working from home full time until my retirement from employment the beginning of this month.

Previously I had been working from home a day every other week but full time during the pandemic has been so different; especially with no contact with colleagues in an office environment.

I am very fortunate that I have a separate room I can use with a window from which I can view the world outside the front of my house.

From the beginning of the pandemic, I felt very strongly  I should still get up at the same time and use my travelling time to the office for daily Bible Study and prayers (using The Methodist Prayer Handbook) plus, after breakfast, do a short walk before beginning work.

I need to admit here,  I had always found it a struggle to keep up daily morning Bible Study and prayer time but, surprised myself  by continuing even through the dark winter mornings when I could have easily not have done it and instead stayed in bed just that little bit longer!

I found I have been strengthened and sustained through many tough working days.  It made me focus on situations both within the UK and throughout the world plus also gave me a strong feeling of God’s presence and guidance throughout some extremely tiring and stressful times.

I honestly believe it is the time spent in daily morning Bible Study, prayer time + morning walk which has helped me during the pandemic - to guide and assist those I was trying to help as part of my job and when speaking to colleagues; who found full time working from home extremely challenging and affecting their physical and mental well- being.

This is what I have learned about God during this pandemic – I have realised it was God who spoke to me, showing me how I needed to use the ‘extra time’ being given to me.   In answering God’s message, along with helping me through the challenges I have faced during my working days and beyond, I have also learnt so much about myself, my personal relationship with God and God with me.  I am still learning!

In my room, I have postcards from an old Leprosy Mission calendar which have some lovely photographs & Bible verses, two of which I have referred to frequently:

Psalm 139 v 9-10

If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.

Psalm 23 v 2-3

You let me rest in fields of green grass.  You lead me to streams of peaceful water, and you refresh my life.