These are simple, worshipful services prepared by our local churches                                                                                                            and a lovely way to "be together" while we're staying home and staying safe.


COMMENTS FOLLOWING PALM SUNDAY SERVICE, April 5th...(from Maureen Jeavons)

                                                            Dear  Hasbury Church Family. Greetings on Palm Sunday.                                                                                                                         

                     What an uplifting service today, connecting us in a special way with each other.                                                                             Many, many thanks to all who made this possible

and that's been true each Sunday since.
We've had a wide variety of themes and challenges but it really is good to stay connected.


              ‘ God is Good His mercy is everlasting therefore  we will not be afraid’   Psalm 118,                                                                                 is an appropriate reading  for this moment in history.

               I also read this encouraging message on ‘Sacred Space’ this week                                                                                                                  and wanted to pass it on to everyone at this difficult time.


                The Coronavirus has come as a huge shock to us all, and within a very short time, it has challenged our attitudes                     and behaviours radically.  Here in Sacred Space, during these uncertain times, we want to reassure you of our                           continued prayer for all our worldwide community.
               In one sense, life continues as normal – and yet it’s not normal at all.  Should I take the bus?                                                       Can I go safely go out for a walk? Should I visit my neighbour or my friend?                                                                                   That cough I notice, could it be the virus? What of the children’s education? What if I lose my job?                                               Are we going to have a recession? How long will this last? Will we ever get back to real normality again?

               Sometimes, the anxiety surrounding the publicity is as contagious as the virus itself,                                                                     spreading fear and nervousness among the community.                                                                                                                 In the developed world, in particular, we are in a state of shock.                                                                                                     In many ways, we have come to believe that we are in control of our lives, that we have a cure for every disease,                       that we can fend off all the dangers that threaten our securities.                                                                                                     We have built up solid walls to protect us against every unwanted guest,                                                                                       but now our walls have been breached, and the unwanted guest is here.                                                                                       Our securities no longer seem so secure, something in our world is out of our control,                                                                   and many don’t know where to turn.

              We hope and pray, that we will soon find a vaccine for this disease, and that it will be made widely available for                          everyone who needs it, rich or poor. But in the meantime, we can reflect on our shock.                                                                  It’s a reminder to us that we are never in total control of our lives,                                                                                                  that we can never eliminate every misfortune or heal every illness.                                                                                                Ultimately, our trust has to be in something more solid than we can ever find here on earth.                                                          Ultimately, God alone is our security. ‘God is our refuge and our strength, a helper close at hand in times of distress’ (Ps.46:1). Trust Him.