As things return to the new "normal" some of our organisations are beginning to meet again.

Check the "What's on" page for more details

unfortunately some activities have not yet resumed

                                      we realise that this might leave some people isolated, lonely and afraid.                                             

                                       If we can support you in any way please let us know.                                                                      

                                       We still have people who can just give you a call, help with shopping or pray for you.                         

                                       Above all, stay safe, stay positive and do all the things we CAN do - go for a walk, read a book,

                                        phone a friend or write a letter - and  clean the house  if you must!                                                                    

                                        Smiles and kindness will help us all to survive this time.                                                                       

                                                                         Above all, listen to the advice - and act on it.                                                                                                                         

                                                                        Sending love and encouragement to everyone.


                If you want to find out more about guidelines for Dudley please visit the Dudley Coronavirus web page where the information listed below can be accessed.                                                                Please, precious friends, stay safe. 

Dudley borough encourages residents to continue to remain vigilant as the Coronavirus hasn't gone away