unfortunately we've had to suspend all  of our weekly activities 
                                      we realise that this might leave some people isolated, lonely and afraid.                                             
                                       If we can support you in any way please let us know.                                                                      
                                       We have people who can just give you a call, help with shopping or pray for you.                         

                                       Above all, stay safe, stay positive and do all the things we CAN do - go for a walk, read a book,
                                        phone a friend or write a letter (and spring clean if you must!).                                                                    

                                        Smiles and kindness will help us all to survive this time.                                                                       
                                        Listen to the advice - and act on it.                                                                                                                         

                                         Stay safe, stay positive and stay home!                                                                                                                  

                                          Sending love and encouragement to everyone.


EVERY SUNDAY (or every day!)


Churches Together are calling upon the churches

to join together  to pray for an end to the Covid 19 pandemic.

at 7 o'clock we're encouraged to light a candle

in our front window to signal to others



                                                                May we who are inconvenienced remember those whose lives are at stake

      May we who have not risk factors remember the most vulnerable

                                                                         May we who have the luxury of working from home                                                                                                                                              remember those who  must choose between preserving their health and making their rent

May we who have the flexibility to care for children when their schools close remember those who have no options

May we who have to cancel our trips remember those who have no place to go

May we who are losing our margin money in the turmoil of economic market, remember those who have no margin at all.

May we who settle for quarantine at home remember those who have no home.

As fear grips our country let us choose love

                                                                       During this time when we cannot physically wrap our arms around each other,                                                                                          let us yet find ways to be the loving arms of God to our neighbours.    Amen

                    SO WHAT?

  •          We've been buying hand cream to donate to the nurses at Mary Stevens Hospice and Russells Hall hospital.                   it's not just "hands that do dishes" that get sore!
  •          we're knitting hats for premature babies and "twiddlemuffs" for people with dementia
  •          shopping, collecting prescriptions for folk who are self-isolating (AND sending them Rainbow pictures!) 
  •          making and delivering cakes to neighbours to share a (virtual)  "afternoon tea."
  •          phoning people who are isolated
  •          making bags for nurses to bring home their uniforms to launder AND little bags of JOY
  •           re-instating foodbank collections

                   "contact us" if you want to know more, if you have other ideas of how to help,                                               
                     if you have any needs of your own

A National Day of Prayer and Action has been announced by the presidents of