When I was invited to share my testimony on this topic during a Circuit zoom service I declined – because I couldn’t think of anything to say! Since then the brain cogs have been grinding slowly and I do now have an answer!


We’ve met LOTS of them over the last 15 months. (I won’t embarrass them by naming them but they know who they are!)

First of all we learned new words like “self-isolating” and “shielding” and had no idea how we ‘d cope with ordinary things like shopping and collecting prescriptions. Answer: ANGELS! L & J would collect our prescriptions and deliver them to the door (once making the journey down and up Hagley Hill on a bike!) Then when I couldn’t get a supermarket delivery I discovered I live next door to an ANGEL (R)  who happens to work at the Spar shop!
(In fact more than one of our neighbours has shown us their angel wings)

Another angel (M) devised a way for us to continue to offer Messy Church on-line during the pandemic. She did all the tech work, all the craft work and prepared craft packs for 20-odd families which she delivered every month. All this while working full-time as a nurse!
On one occasion she was promoted to an A    STAR         angel! She happened to be at my front door (delivering a craft pack) when my husband collapsed. We ignored social distancing rules and she stayed with us till the uniformed paramedic angels arrived! Scary as that was it all turned out OK and he came home from hospital the same night, having had a drop in blood pressure.

Other angels (mostly from Hasbury Craft Group) appeared at our front door on numerous occasions – first of all with bags for hospital staff to take home their uniform scrubs, then tiny hats and blankets for premature babies, little quilts for the families at Russells Hall whose babies sadly died,  larger quilts for Mary Stevens Hospice and Twiddlemuffs for dementia patients.

As the pandemic raged, families were suffering from job losses and  reduced income so the demands on the foodbanks was escalating. We could no longer collect at church so we asked for volunteers to set up collection points at home. Angels  D & S, W & M set them up in Hasbury and we have one in our porch. I don’t always know which angels have delivered food but I do know that the Black Country Foodbank van comes every 10 – 14 days to empty my car boot!

At the beginning the lockdown felt almost idyllic – no traffic on the road behind our house, birds singing, glorious fresh air and an amazing Spring. We saw so much beauty on our daily walks which reminded us what a wonderful Creator we have!

As the weeks went by and we went outside each Thursday night to clap for the front-line workers, we got to know our neighbours better. We even had a street party for VE day! I started to light a candle in my porch every evening to pray for my neighbours and some of them would message me with prayer requests! We started making cakes every Saturday and that was a great way to keep in touch (I even had a conversation with one neighbour who had NEVER spoken to anyone in 35 years and discovered he likes Victoria sponge cake!)

Just before Christmas Roger was once again taken ill. At the time we were talking to our grandson in Australia on Messenger. He alerted his mum who rang a friend in Halesowen, who rang my friend, who came and spent the day with me! MORE angels – D,J,T & J in our worldwide Christian family ! Later that week another one (J) took me to collect Roger from hospital. Thorough tests by our amazing NHS pointed to oxygen starvation which they’re still investigating.

I’m aware that this is going on and on – but His Army of Angels does just that. They're everywhere!
You’ll gather from all of this that MOST of my Pandemic angels belong to that amazing church family we call “Hasbury”. You will NEVER know how much your love and care has meant  to us during these last difficult months (OK last 40 years!) but you are truly wonderful.

I was once in a fellowship group which Tony Trevithick led and he told us he’d never seen and angel!