In 2019, Terry and I decided to get married. As I'd not been married before, we decided to get married at Gretna Green and honeymoon in Jersey.

We chose 25th June 2020 and Joseph would conduct a blessing ceremony on 25th July.

Then in February 2020, the pandemic arrived and all our wedding plans went out of the window.

Obviously, we were disappointed, but we didn't get upset and no tears were shed. Terry reminded me that God had brought us together and so all we had to do, was trust in God to sort it for us. So, we adjusted our lives to the Lockdown, as did everyone else at that time.

Then in June, Boris announced that weddings could go ahead again. We contacted our dear friend Joseph and he gave us the 15th August, as the date for our wedding. We were overjoyed and thanked God for sorting this out for us.

I then called West Bromwich Registry Office and spoke to a lovely lady called Sharon, who advised me that they had no dates, until October or November. I then realised how naïve I had been, expecting it to fall neatly into place.

However, after I had explained what had happened with the cancellations etc... Sharon said that she would speak to her boss, but couldn't make any promises.

3 hours later, Sharon called me back. She said that if we could be there on 15th July for the interviews, we could pick up the legal documents on 13th August and get married on 15th August. I burst into tears, due to the overwhelming realisation, that God had indeed, sorted out our wedding date and we were both so grateful to Joseph, Sharon and her boss, who had been part of God's plan for us.

With thanks and gratitude to our dear friend and minister Joseph, who opened up our church especially for our wedding, we were married at Blackheath Central on Saturday 15th August. The ceremony was low- key, which is what we had wanted all along. My brother Tom was able to give me away, my best friend Bren was the Ring Bearer and our family and dear friends were able to attend.

Because we had trusted in God and didn't get upset when our plans went awry, He blessed us beyond anything that we could have imagined.

For me personally, my faith has grown deeper and I've come to realise that "stuff and things" really don't matter anymore, but my faith in God does. He never let us down and we know that He never will.