I think 2020 will go down in history as the year the world went wrong.

It was a year of uncertainty and fear, and that’s still so for many people in the world. A year of not being able to visit each other and support each other as we would want to.

We came to realise how much we need each other.

We came to realise how much our lives and creation itself is interconnected.

God’s creation is incredibly intricate


We look in wonder at mighty mountains and amazing creatures. But we didn’t notice a tiny organism which came into our lives and devastated the entire globe.

In the pandemic I learned about the little things

From the smallest to the largest – all of the natural world is interdependent. God’s amazing creation is so intricate, so delicately balanced.

And we, as stewards of this creation have been selfish and careless.

And suddenly our world is slipping out of control.


Out of the chaos and confusion only God is unchanging.   Our God is faithful.


He led us into ways to help each other.  Different ways to communicate. I didn’t know I could zoom

In the confusion we came out of the noise of everyday life into a time of quietness, when we could hear the birds singing.

Creation began to renew itself and we were more aware of the beauty and grandeur in our everyday life.

Skies were clearer, there was less pollution

Into this time came people of dedication and skill who gave their time and risked their lives to find ways to serve their fellow men and women through caring and through science.


We have a faithful God who stands beside us whatever happens.

In the darkest times He holds us.

 We couldn’t stop the virus. We couldn’t destroy it.

But scientists working night and day found a way to give us some immunity .

Faith makes things possible, not easy.

In the dark times of my life faith has meant that I could lean into God’s strength when my own strength wasn’t enough. And God has always been there for me.


How can I serve Him in return for His faithfulness?

Peter Brown remarked I wonder if there is some way we can keep people in touch? and so was born the

Newsletter. it keeps people connected, shares our problems and joys.
We’ve shared celebrations , disasters and deep sorrows. It helps us to care for each other.

I’m not very technical but we have a patient grandson who lives with us and sorts my technical problems out.

I can’t do any great work, but I love the words of St David at the end of his life

Stay Joyful,  Keep the Faith,   Do the Little Things

I print these words each week on Hasbury’s newsletter.  It’s a reminder that the little things are important

Alone I can’t stop the virus, or save the planet. But I can do little things, like keeping social distance, and getting vaccinated, and washing and reusing plastic freezer bags, and doing the newsletter.

And I value the caring actions of other people to give a smile, a listening ear, an understanding word.

In God’s creation the little things matter

Even the ocean is made up of drops of water.

So we can do the little things and know that God uses them