Testimony 21st February 2021


When the first lockdown started and we had to shield, the Lord showed me that I had a garden to play in. When I say “play”, many of you will know that my gardening skills are limited but I decided to take pictures of the garden each month of the year. These pictures showed how wonderful our Creator is. I only had to plant seeds and nurture the young plants then, when planted out,  they became beautiful flowers and vegetables. The trees and bushes only had to be pruned and the reward was a massive display of flowers and blossom on the pear tree. This garden experience made me realise how much our Heavenly Father provides for our enjoyment each day. - but only if we look for IT!


Above and beyond gifts each day He showed us His greatest gift in that Jesus was willing to die on the cross for our sins and then raised to life by our Heavenly Father on the third day.  So many people need to know this wonderful news particularly at this time of loneliness and depression and this is where we all have a job to do, whatever our age.


There are many things I can thank our Heavenly Father for this year – house and home, a bed to sleep in, our food (and we’re thankful to a Christian friend for getting it for us), the fact that we’re pensioners so saved from money worries, and I’ve had two cataracts successfully removed.


As we make decisions in the coming weeks and months as to what we’ll be doing when we come out of lockdown, let us remember these words, spoken by Pastor Leon Evans:  “ we make OUR decisions and OUR decisions make US”