During our on-line Circuit Zoom services, members have been encouraged to share their testimonies on this subject and we felt it would be good for us to share them with you.

It was this item in our Weekly newsletter which inspired us to start this "new page"

Over recent weeks our Circuit’s online (Zoom) Sunday Worship has included a short testimony by someone of how the pandemic has impacted on their lives and/or the work of our churches

Two of those who have spoken were Jan Lear and Maureen Stanley, both separately emphasised the outreach and vital pastoral support that continued, and in some ways has become quite innovative, amongst the church family that we affectionately and simply know as ‘Hasbury’

For some of us, the start of lockdowns in March 2020, was an added inconvenience on what were already difficult journeys, whilst others have had to come to terms with new ways of coping with illness, caring, the loss of loved ones as well as any number of personal crises as the past year progressed

Pastoral calls (and visits when allowed), collective and individual prayer times, fellowship groups and bible study, unexpected expressions of love (sometimes including cake, flowers, gifts, etc) have allowed some of the distress to be shared.  All were and continue to be strengthened through knowing God’s love for them and the ministry, prayer, fellowship of their Christian family and friends at ‘Hasbury’.   Importantly however, it has not just been about caring for the immediate church family, as there has also been outreach and serving in the wider community.

So, as we approach a time when we may be able to start and plan the future mission for ‘Hasbury’, including resuming worship and other activities in the building, it is essential that we look forward positively and build on the strong Christian faith and call to service that has been nurtured and grown during the worst days of lockdown and Covid-1.