...  more about us

         things you might like to know…

  •              We are a “Fairtrade church” – which means we only serve tea and coffee                                              which are fairly traded
  •                    We have a “library” of Christian books and resources for adults & children to borrow                              (kept in our Prayer Room)

          We raise money for…

  •                CHRISTIAN AID
  •                 NCH “ACTION for CHILDREN  raising money each year                                                                        and sending gifts at Christmas  time.
  •             METHODIST HOMES  ( supporting the elderly & people with dementia)

  •                ALL WE CAN  providing world-wide  relief & development 

          We work with 

  •      two other local churches in the Hasbury area to provide transport,                                                       a home cooked meal  and fellowship for elderly house-bound members of our local community.             first Monday of every month.

      Our outreach work  supports...

  •          The Black Country Foodbank by collecting non-perishable food, drinks and hygiene products
  •         The Halesowen Welcome Group                                                                                                  for asylum seekers & refugees. We support them with friendship. a listening ear, practical help and        by providing items of clothing and household goods.
  •          T4U Christmas Shoebox appeal – sending boxes of gift items to children across the world
  •         The work of the Black Country Wheels Independent School                                                        (provides an alternative education for vulnerable teenagers aged 14 - 16)                                              We support them  by  supplying clothing, toiletries, stationery and seasonal gifts.
  •     The Emily Jordan Foundation                                                                                                            to help support this  local charity we collect  ink cartridges and old spectacles