Our History...

begins in the middle of the 17th century.

The first chapel was built in 1861 on the corner of Wall Well and Red Leasowes Road. The area was mostly farmland with houses only being built in the 1940s. While building was taking place, worship was conducted in a nearby barn! Steadily the congregation grew in faith and in numbers and at one time there were 800 names on the Sunday school roll. Three Sunday services were followed by a prayer meeting at 7 o’clock.

Over the years the building has been extended, MOVED and modified more than once! By the 1960s the cost to repair & heat the Old Chapel far exceeded its income so the Trustees took the brave step to erect a new church. In 1946 they’d had the foresight to purchase a large piece of land adjacent to their building. So, in October 1970 the congregation paraded from the “Old Chapel” to the new 20th Century premises. There was still plenty of land left for fetes, bonfires and, of course, football!

Soon the congregation outgrew THAT building and in 1985 three new rooms were added at the front. Much as everyone loved this new multi-purpose chapel there were inherent design faults: the flat roof soon began to leak and the skylight windows dripped condensation on to those underneath!

Once again the congregation was involved with planning and funding a new building. Again, we moved out  - this time to Lutley Primary school (as no barns were available!) In 2000 we opened our present building. We pray that we’re now fully equipped to serve the community of Hasbury into the 21st century!