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 Black Country Foodbank 

When we all went into isolation in March, none of us had any idea how long this pandemic would last or how long it would be before things got back to “normal”. Well 12 ( or so ) weeks on we have an inkling! It doesn’t look as if “normal will return any time soon.

We've been supporting the foodbank for quite a long time now but had to suspend our collections when we closed the church in March. But the problem of  food poverty is escalating week on week. and we need to support the foodbank more than ever So, I’ve consulted other members of the HOPE team and this is what  we’ve come up with:

1.    Set up a collection for YOUR neighbourhood.

2.    Take food to known collecting points

3.    Make cash donations directly to the foodbank

Let’s look at “how”.

1.    To collect at home you first need to have a space which is undercover, ideally  a porch.                                                  Then you can supply a cardboard box which, when full, can be collected and delivered.
In that way we can minimise handling. After that you need to contact your neighbours.
Some folk have neighbourhood whatsapp groups and that’s the easy way (apparently!)
Or you can distribute leaflets  -  I have a printable leaflet. If you need it, I can print them for you.
Email me or use the contact us page.
You may be able to identify someone who’s not having to isolate who would offer to deliver for you. 
If that doesn’t work out, I can ask our “helping hands” group.


2.    Take to collecting points


·         Stourbridge (REPLENISH) is open on                                                                         
Tuesdays  1-3pm and Fridays 10am-12.30pm and                           

·         Halesowen (Lifecentral) is open 
Monday - Fridays 10.00 -1.00.                                                                         

·         I’m told there is also a collection point at Thornhill Road shops and another at Sainsbury's Withymoor.

·         Black Country Foodbank  Albion Street Brierley HillDY5 3EE

Phone for opening times: Tel: 01384 671250

already we have established FOUR collecting points (again use contact us for details) and TWO local shops have also agreed to support us. so, we're gaining momentum! 



3.        Cash donations:     www.justgiving.org.uk/blackcountryfoodbank


If there is any way you think you may be able to get involved please do let me know.

Every blessing, Eileen and the HOPE team


Prayer 2020

Join with us praying for 20 minutes at 20:20 (8.20pm) on the 20th of each month throughout 2020 – asking God to open hearts to respond to Jesus’ love. 

We believe the year 2020 will be an unprecedented year of harvest from the gospel seeds sown over the past decade and more. We are not the only ministry to be sensing this. Denominations and ministries across the UK are preparing for 2020 and opportunities to invite people to respond to Jesus’ offer of life in all its fullness  


      We have been working with the HOPE initiative since its' inception in 2008.                                                                                      Its' purpose is to share the love of Jesus with our neighbourhood.                                                                            

     We regularly distribute magazines to our neighbours  (another one coming SOON!)  and have arranged                                    a number of  celebrations to commemorate events of national importance: 

  • a Carol service at  Halesowen Town Football club to commemorate the Christmas armistice during the first world war:  
  • pop-up sing- alongs in the precinct: 
  • memorial displays in the library: 
  • Remembrance Sunday "cross" garden to honour the fallen of our town: 
  • parties to commemorate the Queen's special anniversaries and Royal Weddings: 
  • random acts of kindness: 
  • support for under-privileged children in our neighbourhood: 
  • providing colourful quilts for Mary Stevens Hospice ,prem baby hats for the Childrens Hospital , &  twiddlemuffs for people with dementia
  •  - and anything else we can think of!

NEXT MEETING to be announced post coronavirus! but KEEP PRAYING!