during the Covid 19 pandemic, churches across the nation are encouraging us to pray,                                                                       to set aside a special time each day to pray for our neighbours, our family, our friends, our nation, our leaders,                       our world and ourselves! 

          At 7 o'clock each evening you're invited to light a candle where it can be seen (and is safe)                                                                and spend some time in prayer. It really is an oasis of peace during this troubled time.


  • is part of everything we do. we have a special room in our church dedicated to prayer. It's meant to be a quiet, safe place which is freely accessible. A number of people meet there every Sunday morning at 9.45. We pray for the world, our community, people we know and to answer specific prayer requests. 
  • In our foyer there are a number of prayer "tools". One is a book of prayer where you can write in a name of someone (or some situation) which needs prayer. Those are normally read out during our morning worship time. 
  • In addition there's a locked box on top of the bookcase where you can put a more specific request. these will be prayed for every Sunday morning in our prayer room for 3 months. This will be strictly confidential and no one will ask  for more details. 
  • If you want personal prayer there is an opportunity to pray in complete confidence with our prayer ministry team
  • and, finally we have a regular service for Prayer & healing. for more information about that check our "Circuit Events" page