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                  as we're unable to meet during these                                      troubled times,  we feel it's necessary to have a forum where we can share our joys and our sorrows.        

                                          SATURDAY 4th JULY


Jean Dunn has moved into a nursing home – Astley Hall Nursing Home, Church Lane, Stourport DY3 ORW.
We pray for Jean that she will be comfortable and settle in there and we continue to hold in prayer all of our church family who are now in residential homes, Pauline Apperley, Mary Jones, Janice Ledbury, and Kathleen Cruchley.

We continue to hold in prayer all those of our church family who have special need for prayer at this time: 
Terry & Jill – Terry is making slow progress -  and Roy & Margaret  Parton - Roy also has great difficulty with mobility.


A very sincere thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged Robert Smith on his running one mile every hour for 24 hours.
Over 150 people have together sponsored (donated) over £3,500 which is going to Mary Stevens Hospice.
We will let you know the final amount raised when all the donations are in.
Thank you again from Robert and all of the family.


Although some of the ‘lockdown’ restrictions are being eased and the government has recently announced that places of worship can re-open for ‘led worship’, the processes and arrangements for doing so are quite complex.
How and when Hasbury could re-open is being explored; in the meantime, other than for essential maintenance, our church building must remain closed.
For the safety of everyone please do not go into the building.

If there is something you need from inside the building, please contact
David Raxster 602 3954  
or John Smith          501 1020                                                                                                                                                                  

HELPING HANDS.       Message Eileen  Adams or Sarah Shaw if there’s anything at all we can help with.      If you need help with shopping orders, prescription collections,or anything else – maybe just a friendly voice

 message :                                          -helping hands     


On Sunday 5 July, the day the NHS was founded, the whole country is invited to come together at 5pm to applaud all those who have been helping us through the pandemic and recognise the vital community connections that continue to support us all.

We are invited to place a candle in the window on Saturday evening (4th July) to remember all those who have died as a result of the coronavirus.


Go take a look at what our Messy Church families (and some of the " older" members) have done for  our church to say "thank you" to all who care for us!. Take a look at this month's Messy Church on-line and enjoy!




From Eileen and the H.O.P.E. team

We’ve spoken this week to the Emily Jordan Trust (the organisation which has our bottle tops, ink cartridges and specs for re-cycling). They are open again but not able to have any of their young people on the premises just yet. So they’re asking us to hold on to our bottle tops for another 4 or 5 weeks at least. What they are still doing (and it’s where they started many moons ago) is repairing bikes and making them roadworthy so that families can go out together. So (and I hope I won’t live to regret this!) if you have an unwanted, unloved or unused bicycle that you could donate, please let me know.

 And… because we are clearing the Foyer at church I’ve removed all the “twiddlemuffs.” Should you know anyone who would benefit from having one please ask me. They’re particularly useful for people with dementia who sometimes develop a habit of fiddling with their hair, their clothes and sometimes medical equipment. We happily donate them to people in need. (And please keep empty cotton reels, broken jewellery, ribbon, large buttons or anything else we can sew on for folk to “twiddle”)

Black country Foodbank collection points are still open  at the homes of Maisie, Wendy, Stephen &  Dilys , Roger and Eileen. The response has been wonderful. The need is only likely to increase in the coming months ans more and more people face job losses. Please do support whenever you are able. Should you want to invite friends and neighbours to join in I can let you have leaflets and posters.

From Joy Jones…….             THE LEPROSY MISSION

I received a quarterly magazine from The Leprosy Mission (TLM) earlier this week and was                interested to read the article about Used Stamps. The following is an extract….


“In 2019  £43,683 was raised for The Leprosy Mission from the sale of donated stamps and collectables!  In fact over the past 30 years more than £1 million has been raised to help people affected by leprosy. (Leprosy has been entirely curable since the early 1980s but the social stigma is still strong and there are still millions of people living with untreated leprosy)

It takes seconds to rescue a used stamp from a letter destined for the recycling bin. But, by doing so, healthcare and opportunities can be given to those who need them the very most. We would be so grateful if you would collect any of the following items –

Stamps of all descriptions, UK and overseas: Postcards: Coins & bank notes - any country: Cigarette cards.

When you have enough for a small parcel please send to The Leprosy Mission,

 Goldhay Way, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, PE2 5GZ.”


We have been collecting stamps and postcards at Hasbury MC for several years now so It’s good to know that our efforts are so valuable to TLM……. So please keep collecting folks!

Incidentally if you want a good read while we’re still in partial lockdown I can recommend ….  ‘The Island’ by Victoria Hislop’  It’s a lovely story of hope amidst the scourge of Leprosy and is based on true events from the  Island of Spinalonga off the coast of Crete. The island became a leper colony in 1904 and the last leper left the island in 1957.                                                                                               

More News………….

Check the church website for more news

Look under “Just for Fun” for a smile                             

 Also circuit website  Circuit services are under Reflections

 If you have any news to share,  items for the Web site, people you’d like us to pray for or anything else please contact MaureenJeavons      

phone 0121 550 799 or Eileen Adams 01562 885721

Stay joyful     keep the faith    do the little things

                        God bless you all

                                                  Maureen x thumbs up


                                           SATURDAY 27th JUNE 


We continue to pray for Terry and Jill, for Jean (who will have her plaster removed on Tuesday)  and for all others in our church family who are struggling at this time.

Tom's tumours on both his pancreas and kidney have both been found early and are quite small. He has been referred to the QE for both areas for appropriate treatment to be decided. We pray that his treatment will begin as soon as possible, and we continue to hold Tom and his family in our prayers.

Pam Cummings has been hospitalised  for a new stent to be fitted. She is back home, feeling a lot better, and able to eat more (relatively) We hold Pam and Alan in prayer and pray that she will continue to feel more comfortable.

Veronica is still in Lagos, Nigeria and she has sent us this reminder of God’s promises

                          god's promises

FOODBANK NEWS from Eileen Adams

FOODBANK  is going strong! Wendy and Maisie collected so much they had to take it to Brierley Hill, Eileen ( a late starter!) has had 6 carrier-bags full within the first 4 days AND an offer from the Spa Shop in Hagley to set up a collecting point there( because one of my neighbours asked them!) how good is that? I’ve been in touch with the foodbank again and have a number of posters that we can print off. Let me know if you’d like them and I’ll forward the email. And… if you’d like to give it a go, it’s not too late to join in. and here’s a “Most wanted” list if you want to take items to Dilys, Maisie or Wendy – or me!


THANK YOU so much for your support.

CAN YOU HELP ?.................

Message from Teresa  - Does anyone have a garage or storage available to rent for around 12months for my son to store furniture and boxes while he renovating his house. 

Please contact Teresa Upcott on 07982248601 if are able to help. 



Is having a Skype meeting on Wednesday July 1st at 7.00 pm.
If any of you would like to join us in this meeting please contact John Smith 0121 501 1020 or Maureen Jeavons (contact details further down the newsletter). This will be an informal chat to keep in touch and to pray for any concerns you may have.                    


Thank you to all who have made much needed donations to the church finances - a total of £ 2,650 has been donated to date.   

(bank details for payments are attached to this email)


HELPING HANDS.       Message Eileen  Adams or Sarah Shaw if there’s anything at all we can help with.      If you need help with shopping orders, prescription collections,or anything else –

 maybe just a friendly voice, message :-helping hands     


More News………….

Check the church website for more news                             

 Also circuit website  Circuit services are under Reflections

f you have any news to share,  items for the Web site, people you’d like us to pray for or anything else please contact MaureenJeavons      phone 0121 550 7992


As lockdown gradually eases stay joyful, keep the faith, do the little things

(but don’t rush off to the beach at Bournemouth!!!)

God bless    Maureen sunshine smile


                                          SATURDAY 20th JUNE  


Terry Green continues to make slow progress with mobility and is awaiting appointments for further tests. 
Elder son Richard has been supporting Jill this week and David is coming again next week.
We continue to hold them all in our Love and Prayers.

We continue to pray for all in our church family who need our prayers just now, especially for Tom and his family.
We hold in our prayers all who are self isolating and shielding during the pandemic.
We hold Pam and Alan and all of you who are waiting in isolation for this time to pass.
As restrictions are slowly lifted we know it will be an anxious time for you.

Barbara Tivey is struggling with her back and hip

Please pray also for Michael whose mind is very troubled.

Praying for others is a beautiful gift that is priceless.

Praying for our families and friends is so important. 
Sometimes they fight battles they never talk to you about. 
Cover your friends in prayer


ROB SMITH’S SPONSORED RUN  in aid of Mary Stevens Hospice is happening today.walking figure

If you’d like to sponsor him the Justgiving link is

or contact Rob on mobile 07890370312 or John Smith 132 Mendip Road, B63 1JH

(But please don’t hinder his schedule – he’ll be running a mile every hour on the hour for 24 hours with his last mile starting at 7am on Sunday morning.)   



WEDNESDAY FELLOWSHIP GROUP…………….    Is venturing on line !!!!

We are currently working on it                    muddled  but knowing that faith can move mountains we are planning to have a “chat and pray” meeting                 on July 1st probably in the evening. If any of you would like to join in with us can you let us know either myself (contact details further down in the newsletter) or          John Smith 0121 501 1020.

Don’t worry if you think you’ll get a bit muddled – join the club


HELPING HANDS. Message Eileen  Adams or Sarah Shaw if there’s anything at all we can help with.      If you need help with shopping orders, prescription collections,or anything else –

 maybe just a friendly voice, message :-               sazshaw@virginmedia.comhelping hands




More News………….

Check the church website for more news                             

 Also circuit website  Circuit services are under Reflections

 If you have any news to share,  items for the Web site, people you’d like us to pray for or anything else please contact

MaureenJeavons      phone 0121 550 7992

From Dave and Margaret Raxster  …….

A glimpse of our lovely Hasbury for those of you who are homesick……………………


From Dave and Margaret Raxster  …….

A glimpse of our lovely Hasbury for those of you who are homesick……………………..


hmc1                             hmc3



Still lovingly cared for until we can all meet again face to face


turtle                                                     THE TURTLE

“I waited patiently for the lord; He turned to me and heard my cry.” Psalm 40: 1 – 5

Every autumn, when the painted turtle senses the winter coming, she dives to the bottom of her pond,
burying herself in the muck and mud.
She pulls into her shell and goes still: her heart rate slows, almost stopping.
Her body temperature drops, staying just above freezing.
She stops breathing, and she waits.
For six months, she stays buried, and her body releases calcium from her bones into her bloodstream, so that she slowly begins even to lose her shape.

But when the pond thaws, she will float up and breathe again.
Her bones will reform, and she will feel the warmth of the sun on her shell.

As we wait for the coronavirus pandemic to recede, for deliverance from this ever-present danger and for a “new normal”  life to emerge, both the turtle and the psalmist we are here to remind us to trust in God:
He hears, and He will deliver.
A PRAYER… God, it’s sometimes hard to wait.
But we trust in you and in your deliverance.
Please give us patience, and allow your greatness and glory to be evident in our lives. Amen.


Love to all of you

Stay joyful,   keep the faith,   do the little things

Maureen x

                                                               sunshine smile


                                                  SATURDAY 13th JUNE   

Please continue to pray for those in our church family who need our prayers.

  • Terry Green continues to make slow progress.
  • Jean Halston is finding life very difficult with a broken right wrist.
  • Fred Walker and Roy Parton live with very limited mobility.
  • Tom has been referred to a specialist at the Q.E. Hospital – we pray for him and his family.
    It’s so difficult when we can’t physically be with those of our family who need us just now. 

Sunday 14th June is Methodist Homes Sunday – we pray for residents and staff of our Methodist Homes,
and indeed for all care home residents and staff.
We remember in our prayers those of our church family who are in care homes, Mary Jones, Pauline Apperley, Janice Ledbury, Kathleen Cruchley, Sheila Brookes, and pray that they will stay safe.

May all of these people feel God’s care and strength and His healing touch in their lives.


Those of you living alone are able to bubble with another family from this weekend (provided you are not in the very vulnerable category) – so happy bubbling all of you. We are bubbling with Mary Hackett. (let us know if your bubble is empty!)



                                                           ROBERT SMITH’S SPONSORED RUN                                                                       


I will start my run at 8am next Saturday (20th) and will run a mile every hour on the hour for 24 hours with my last mile starting at 7am on Sunday morning.

I will be starting my runs from either my home address 4 Polden Close, B63 1JD or my dads 132 Mendip Road, B63 1JH.

I am more than happy for people to join me on my run but we will need to observe social distancing rules. If those that want to join me can either contact me on my mobile 07890370312 or email with their preference as to when they want to join me I can draw up a schedule.  Whilst I plan to run most of the miles I will be happy to walk a couple of them.

With regards to sponsorship, thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, we have raised more than £1700 for Mary Stevens Hospice! If anyone else wants to sponsor me please find the JustGiving link below.

If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.                   walking figure

Thank you for your support. ……….. Rob


                FOOD BANK

GOOD NEWS! We now have two collecting points for the food bank. Dilys and Stephen Ward  at 19 Hazeldene Road and  a neighbour in Windsor Road (Maureen Jeavons can direct you to this one!)have set up collection points. If anyone else is ready to give it a go please let me know and be aware that the opening times at Life Central have changed . They are now open between and Monday to Friday to receive food donations

Cash donations to the Food Bank may be made to

Sending blessings to you all Eileen x


                                                               HELPING HANDS
Message Eileen  Adams or Sarah Shaw if there’s anything at all we can help with. If you need help with shopping orders, prescription collections,or anything else – maybe just a friendly voice, message :-     

helping hands



Next Saturday will be 20th June 2020. Prayer 20/20 is a call to pray for 20 minutes on the 20th day of each month in 2020    2020 logo

2020 logo Pray for God’s Kingdom to come here on earth.
           Pray for all the ongoing problems of the world – coronavirus, racial tensions, financial struggles.
           Can you get it all into 20 mins??
           And give to God your struggles, your anxieties, your fears. 
           Give Him also your joys and your hopes and needs. Praise Him.                       
           And thank Him for just being alongside us in all our circumstances.


More News….

Check the church website for more news                             

 Also circuit website  Circuit services are under Reflections


 If you have any news to share,  items for the Web site, people you’d like us to pray for or anything else please contact

  MaureenJeavons      phone 0121 550 7992

  Eileen Adams                  phone 01562 885721


and NOW! some FUN stuff! 

JILL AND JOY’S WALK           (a poetic true tale by Mo Stanley)


walking figurewalking figure

One day J and J went off for a walk,

They needed some time to wander and talk,

They left nearby streets and ventured a while 

Along country lanes and over a stile

They strolled near a golf course 

And watched out for balls 

They enjoyed every moment 

And listened for calls 

Until they began to think 

Time to go home 

But then were unsure 

Of which way to roam 

But as they stood pondering 

A nice man appears 

He saw their distress 

So helped out the (old ) sweet dears 

He rode on a scooter

An official was he 

But the sort of a chap 

You’d invite round to tea

He soon helped out 

And advised them to care 

When venturing by places 

                               Where balls fly in the air !                              

He lead them both safely 

And spoke merrily

So soon they were home 

For a nice cup of tea

By Mo Stanley ( in lock down)



Last weeks quiz answers – Choruses

1.    We have an anchor  (Will your anchor hold)

2.    Onward Christian soldiers (Onward Christian soldiers

3.    Al good gifts around us (We plough the fields and scatter)

4.    Gracious God to Thee we raise (For the beauty of the earth)

5.    Lift up your heart, lift up your voice (Rejoice the Lord is King)

6.    Up from the grave He arose (Low in the grave He lay)

7.    Praise the Lord, praise the Lord (To God be the glory)

8.    I am coming Lord, coming now to Thee (I hear the welcome voice)

9.    Yes, I’ll sing the wondrous story (I will sing the wondrous story)

10. This is my story, this is my song (Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine)

11. I need Thee, O I need Thee (I need Thee every hour)

12. Trust and obey, for there’s no other way (When we walk with the Lord, in the light of His word)

13. O happy day, O happy day when Jesus washed my sins away (O happy day that fixed my choice)

14. For His mercies aye endure (Let us with a gladsome mind praise the Lord for He is kind)

15. Crown Him Lord of all (All hail the power of Jesus’ name)


Here’s another one to try ………………………….

NEW TESTAMENT WHO'S WHO  (in no particular order)

 1   Who did Luke address the Acts of the Apostles to?

 2   Who was the blind beggar healed by Jesus ?

 3   Who ordered the beheading of John The Baptist as a gift to a dancer?

 4   Who was the man sent to Straight Street help Paul after his Damascus road experience?

 5   Who hid in a sycamore tree in order to see Jesus?

 6   Who was the brother of Mary and Martha?

 7   Who was stoned to death for his faith watched by Saul?

 8   Who was a dealer in purple cloth  that  Paul met near Philippi?

 9   Who gave his tomb for Jesus body?

10  Which of Paul's travelling companions had an argument with him in Antioch and left for Cyprus with                                                                                                                                                     Mark ?

11  Who was John the Baptist's mother, and a cousin to Mary mother of Jesus?

12  Who was the first person to encounter Jesus after his resurrection? 

13  Who received a vision of Heaven on the island of Patmos?

14  Who received a letter from Paul seeking pardon for a slave named Onesimus ?

15  Who was the criminal released by Pilate at the feast of Pentecost at the demand of the crowd?

16  Who sat in a carriage with an Ethiopian Official and explained the scriptures to him?

17  Who was the tax collector called by Jesus to be His disciple?

18  Who was chosen to replace Judas as one of the twelve disciples?

19  Who was ordered by the Roman soldiers to carry Jesus' cross through the streets of Jerusalem?

20  Who was the High Priest at of the Trial of Jesus? 


Hope you are enjoying the quizzes – Good luck

Stay joyful, keep the faith, do the little things

God Bless                                                                                          

Maureen x




                                            SATURDAY 7th JUNE

We continue to hold Terry and Jill Green, Roy and Margaret Parton, Jean Halston and Tom and family in our prayers. Please pray also for Marianne and for Luke.

We also hold in our prayers John and all of Sylvia’s family and all those who are dealing with sadness and pain just now. We pray they will feel the touch of God’s Grace and Hope in their lives as they move forward.



Words of encouragement  if you’ve been praying for friends / family during the days between Ascension and Pentecost

He is patient .. not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:8)

No matter how far away your loved one may be, God’s grace and mercy can still reach them,  so keep praying for them. Don’t give up.

Maybe your prayer could be for someone to cross your loved one’s path who will point them in the right direction and journey with them. Above all, don’t get discouraged, don’t doubt.  Remember that it is GOD’S WILL to save them.  When we pray in accordance with God’s will we can approach Him with confidence.  Know for certain that He hears our prayers.


MESSY CHURCH news from Eileen Adams

Messy Church will be appearing on our Facebook page and circuit website – See link below.


In July, we plan to cover the front of the church (windows) with art work to say Thank You to the people who care for us.  A book of Lockdown Heroes (which is a book of pictures for us to colour ) has been ordered. So all you artists in our church family (or those who are just plain bored!) please can you colour one for us. Contact Eileen if you are interested and we’ll arrange delivery of a picture (or pictures)

More News….

Check the church website for more news                                     Under GOOD NEWS you can see a photo of Cathy Grimmitt’s beautiful  new granddaughter Susannah   Also circuit website  Circuit services are under Reflections

HELPING HANDS.                                                                                                                                     Message Eileen Adams or Sarah Shaw if there’s anything at all we can help with  shopping l a prescription collected,        just a friendly voice or anything else please contact     

If you have any news to share,  items for the Web site, people you’d like us to pray for or anything else please contact

MaureenJeavons:      phone 0121 550 7992

Eileen Adams:             phone 01562885721




new floor 2

new floor

 Please remember that Hasbury Methodist Church building is STILL  closed!

 There has been no change to the emergency legislation that require ALL PLACES OF WORSHIP to be closed; this may remain the case for the foreseeable future!

 Certain designated activities (not worship) are allowed, but none of these apply to Hasbury, or any of its church based groups or external users

Now that work on the floor has been completed, the only permitted access into the building at Hasbury is for routine maintenance and safety / security checks, all of which are being undertaken by Dave Raxster or specific person(s) assisting him

The Methodist Church has issued comprehensive advice which is regularly updated, particularly after government announcements or media interest / speculation.  These include various documents, produced to assist local Methodist churches look ahead to such time as restrictions are eased, in order to try and identify what steps may be required, prior to re-opening and produce risk assessments for all planned activities

Part of this process, and to ensure compliance with guidelines (including ‘track & trace’) a register has been placed in the front lobby, to record everyone entering the building, times (however brief) and the purpose of their visit.  It is suggested that they are encouraged to bring their own pens

Hand sanitisers will also be fixed in both the front and side lobbies.
Further adaptions, notices and guidance will be provided when and where necessary

Whilst it is great that the floor is finally done, the overriding priority must remain to stay alert and prevent    any further spread of the coronavirus, and save lives

Many thanks to Dave Raxster who has practically moved in to Hasbury
while the work has been ongoing and also to
Margaret who has put up with his frequent absence from home



GOOD NEWS……………..  John Smith had a visit from the Jam Fairy

He has  some jars of Damson Jam and a few jars of Blackberry & Apple Jam

Please contact John for click and collect or home delivery 0121 501 1020

Proceeds for Action for Children




 Are you wondering about the church finances? Well, here’s an easy way to raise some money without pain.Many of us are buying some things on line at present and if you register with easyfundraising each time you shop  on line you can raise funds for a cause/charity of your choice

Use this link to get you started

 Donations from easyfundraising will normally be between 0.5% and 10% which is quite a small amount, but if quite a number of us do it, it will be a reasonable amount altogether, and it won’t cost you anything.

Simply sign up, select your chosen cause/charity and then put in a search for the company you are shopping with.  Easy fundraising will then take you to that company and you carry on shopping as normal. Easy Peasy ! Money for Old Rope!! A small number of people are already doing this and currently the church gets an average amount of £20 - £25 per quarter – the more people who join in, the higher the amount will be.

 Alan Cummings (who is our church treasurer – just thought I’d put that in in case any of you don’t know!!) would like to say a big Thank You to those who have made much needed extra donations. They are greatly  appreciated. Alan is missing a name for one contributor – would you like to give him a call, just for his records and a thank you (not essential if you’d rather not).








1.      Ham, Shem, Japheth                                                    11. Moses

2.      Samuel                                                                         12. Samson

3.      Isaac and Ishmael                                                        13. Methuselah

4.      Joseph                                                                         14. David

5.      Esther                                                                          15.Joshua

6.      Leah                                                                            16. Jonah

7.      Ruth and Orpah                                                                       17. Goliath

8.      Cain and Abel                                                              18. Naaman

9.      Jacob and Esau                                                                        19. Hosea

10.  Elijah                                                                           20. Rachel





HERE’S ANOTHER QUIZ FOR YOU –    CHORUSES  All the hymns are in the 1933 version of  Methodist Hymn Book

Work Out the first line of the choruses AND the hymn it belongs to: For example

O/_o_ e/_e_/u_/a_o_e/_i_                 O, come let us adore him     (O come all ye faithful)

1.     _e / _a _e / a_ / a_ _ _o_

2.     O_ _a_ _ / _ _ _i_ _ ia _ / _o_ _ ie _ _

3.     A_ _/_ oo _ /_i _ _ _ /a _ ou _ _ / u _

4.     _ _ a _iou _ / _o _ / _ o  / _ _ ee / _e / _ ai _ e

5.     _i_ _ / u _ / _ou _ / _ ea _ _ / _ i _ _ / u _ / _ ou _ / _ oi _ e

6.     U _ / _ _ o _ / _ _ e / ­­_ _ a _ e /_ e / a _ o _ e  

7.     _ _ ai _ e / _ _ e / _ o _ _ /_ _ ai _ e / _ _ e / _ o _ _

8.     I / a _/ _ o _ i _ _ / _ o _ _ / _ o _ i _ _ / _ o _  / _ o / _ _ ee

9.     _ e _ /I _ _ / _ i _ _ / _ _ e / _ o _ _ _ ou _ / _ _ o _ _

10.                          _ _ i _ /i _ / _ _ /_ _ o _ _ / _ _ i _ /i _ /_ _ / _ o _ _

11.                         I / _ ee _ /_ _ ee / O / I / _ ee   _ / _ _ ee

12.                         _ _ u _ _ / a _ _ /  o _ e _ / _ o_ / _ _ e _ e _/_o / o _ _ e _ / _a _

13.                         O  / _ a _ _ _ / _ a _ / O  / _ a _ _ _ /_ a _/ _ _ e _ / _ e _ u _ /

 _ a _ _ e _ / _ _ / _ i _ _ / a_ a _

14.                         _ o _/ _ i _ / _ e _ _ ie _ / a _ e / e _ _ u _ e / e _ e _ / _ ai _ _ _ u _ /

 e _ e _ / _ u _ e

15.                          _ _ o _ _ / _ i_ / _ o _ _ / o _ / a _ _                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Hope you are enjoying the quizzes – good brain exercise !!! Also a good reminder of some of the old hymns and the Old Testament stories.  Maybe re-read some of them – did you know that Methuselah was Noah’s Grandad?

God bless you all

Stay joyful, keep the faith, do the little things                  

Maureen x

  **********************************************************************************                    SATURDAY 30th MAY

 Jean Halston has had a fall in the garden and has broken her right wrist. As she is right handed this has made life difficult for her.

Terry Green continues to make slow progress and awaits various tests at this difficult time of Lockdown. Liz and James will be with Jill for the next two weeks as David returns to Colwyn Bay.

Roy Parton and Fred Walker are also making slow progress with mobility.

We hold these members of our church family and their families, together with Tom and family in our prayers. Dealing with illness is particularly difficult in lockdown – we pray for all those in such circumstances and for all of you who are self isolating, and finding life particularly difficult just now. We lift you all into God’s care.


From John Smith…..


Sylvia and myself always knew that we had many wonderful friends and enjoyed great fellowship not only through Hasbury Methodist Church but across a much wider Christian network.  How good it is to be part of a loving church family has definitely been made clear to us over recent months

 The prayers, messages and support, which started last October when Sylvia became unwell, and which continue after her death, were and remain a great blessing and comfort for all our family

 Sylvia’s commitment to serve God; thinking of and caring for others, remained as strong as ever until her passing.  Following her death, there have been many tributes and personal reflections, making reference to Sylvia’s strong faith.  It was undoubtedly this faith that enabled her not to fear dying

Alongside the tributes there have been many donations for The Mary Stevens Hospice and Action for Children, all very generously given in memory of Sylvia.  The family have so far received £2,852 but we also aware that a number of people made their donations direct to these two worthy causes so the actual total will be excess of £3,000 

However, it doesn’t end there!

As many of you will be aware, our son Robert is a more than a little obsessed with running marathons, so much so that Sylvia regularly told him that his “knees will suffer when he gets older!

Well, while restrictions in place because of the pandemic have curtailed organised marathons, Robert has found a ‘virtual event’ that allows runners to use tracking technology to log their participation over a 24 hour period where the aim is to run one mile every hour

Starting at 8am Saturday 20 June, Robert will go out for a one mile run around Hayley Green and Hasbury, each and every hour ending at 8am on Sunday 21 June.  Indeed, he hopes that some people will join him on some of these jaunts, which can be made more sedate (i.e. hopefully more child and dad friendly)

There will of course be a chance to sponsor Robert, who wants to do this to raise funds for The Mary Stevens Hospice.  He has also committed to another sponsored event to raise funds for Action for Children in the future (knees and age permitting)

Thank you once again for all your love and care 


Raymond and Marjorie Gaul

Brenda Yau has passed on this news of Raymond and Marjorie, who left Hasbury and moved to Scotland a few years ago to be closer to their son. Many will remember them. Especially as during the 2 years before they moved to Scotland they served us as a rather uniquely styled BOGOF church warden! They are well, with a few health issues. Marjorie tells me that they are blessed to be supported by their family, a very caring church and local community and, as Raymond was for many years in the RAF, by their local RAFA. Raymond and Marjorie would like to pass on their good wishes to everyone at Hasbury and also this poem which they found.


Walking down Life’s highway, in the days of yore,

I saw a sign that read, “Heaven’s grocery store”

Text Box:  I got a little closer; the door was open wide,

Suddenly I found myself, standing right inside,

I saw a host of angels, they were everywhere,

One handed me a basket, saying, “Go and shop with care,

there’s everything a Christian needs inside this store,

and, if you cannot carry it all, do come back, next day, for more”,

First, I got some Patience, Love, too, was in that row,

further down was Understanding, I need that, everywhere I go,

I got a box of Wisdom, and a bag of Faith,

I couldn’t miss the Holy Ghost, ‘‘twas all around the place.

I got some Strength and Courage, to help me run life’s race,

by now my basket’s getting full, but I need a little Grace,

I must not forget Salvation; I see that it is free,

I think I’ll take enough of it, to save both you and me.

Then up to the counter, to pay my bill,

for I thought that I had everything, to do my Master’s Will.

Then I saw a little Prayer, (I had to put that in),

for I knew that when I get outside, I’ll bump right into Sin,

Peace and Joy are plentiful, stacked up on the shelf,

Songs of Praise were hanging there, so I just helped myself,

I said unto the Angel, “now – how much do I owe?”


HELPING HANDS.                                                                                                       
Message Eileen Adams or Sarah Shaw if there’s anything at all we can help with.
Eileen has been a long-time on-line grocery shopper with Sainsbury’s so is managing to get a delivery most weeks.
Others aren’t so fortunate. So, if you want her to, she’ll add YOUR shopping list to hers and will get it delivered to you. She has done that already for someone so it’s not a problem  but you WILL have to cook it yourself!
Or maybe you need a prescription collected, or just a friendly voice
. CONTACT:     


If you have any news to share,  items for the Web site, people you’d like us to pray for or anything else please contact

MaureenJeavons      phone 0121 550 7992

Eileen Adams               phone 01562885721



 Hello to all Parents.

We wanted to run this course sometime back at Church. However due to the Covid19 this has not been possible. However, with permission from Care for the Family we are looking forward to running this course online for you via our Website starting on June 8th. The idea is that you will be able to watch the Video any time of the week when it suits you. You will be able to email any of the leaders with any comments or questions that you might have, and on the opening week you will also be able to access the parents notes that go along with this series.

Although this will lack the personal face to face benefits of a group meeting it will enable us to reach out to more people. It also has the advantage of enabling both parents to take part when this might not have been convenient with a group meeting. So wherever possible we would encourage both parents to participate to get the maximum benefit from the course.

We pray that what we learn through the series will help us all with parenting our little ones.

 Blessings Troy and Joy

Please hold this venture in your prayers

parenting course



Like so  many  people I've been praying and thinking lots about when we will all be able to return to church to worship, physically TOGETHER .  It is in the Lord's hands ....

maggies covid painting


We all know that in order for this to happen, masses of preparation needs to take place. There will be lots of i's to dot and t's to cross.   I am aware that behind the scenes Dave R and  the property team  and so many others are working very hard and tirelessly towards this time  to ensure that our fellowship  will return in safety and comfort.  You all know who you are, so a huge THANK YOU. to each one of you.  
The time is not right yet, vigilance is still of the uttermost importance so that when the time comes we will return and get it right! 

So let's raise it to the Lord in our prayers.



COMMENT: Maggie that is such an inspirational piece of work.
Thank you so much for reminding us that we "will meet again."

We’ll be hanging Maggie’s picture in church sometime in the future. 

But this is a preview – a reminder that as we raise our hands in prayer, our future is secure in God’s hands.


 Answers to last weeks quiz – First lines of hymns:

1.    What a friend we have in Jesus                             9. The King of love my Shepherd is      

2.    Rejoice the Lord is King                                         10. All hail the power of Jesus name

3.    Christ whose glory fills the skies                          11. Breathe on me breath of God

4.    O for a thousand tongues to sing                         12. Take my life and let it be

5.      Fight the good fight with all your might               13. O love that wilt not let me go

6.      Lead kindly light amid the (en)circling gloom     14. Christ the Lord is risen today

7.      Hills of the North rejoice                                         15. Crown Him with many crowns

  .    Immortal invisible God only wise


         Here’s another quiz for you to try from Joy Jones:- 
      WHO’S WHO IN THE BIBLE?                       

1   Who were Noah’s three sons?                                                                                   

2    Which child heard God calling him in the night?                                                   

 3   Who were Abraham’s two sons?                                                                          

4    Who was sold into slavery by his brothers?                                                        

5    Which Queen saved her people (The Jews) from extinction in exile?            

6   Who was Jacob tricked into marrying?                                                                        

7   Who were Naomi’s two Daughters in Law?                                                              

 8 Two brothers, one worked the soil, the other kept flocks?                                   

9   Name Rebecca and Isaac’s twin sons?                                                                         

10 Which prophet’s life was threatened by Queen Jezebel?                              

11 What was the name of Miriam’s baby brother?                                                     

12 Whose strength was diminished when his hair was cut?                                      

13   Who is the oldest person mentioned in the Bible?                                                 

14   Who wrote many of the psalms?                                                                             

15   Who succeeded Moses as leader of the Israelites?                                                

16   Who was swallowed by a large fish?                                                                        

17   Which Philistine warrior was killed by a sling and stone?                                      

1    1 8   Which Leper was told to wash in the river Jordan seven t
19   Which prophet married an unfaithful wife?                                                            

20 Who was Joseph’s mother?                                                                                         

Answers next week


and, finally,

From the Prayer Journal of Thy Kingdom Come

Silence has always been a big part of spiritual practice, but many have never tried it!

Solitude and silence can help us hear from God, because we can easily lose sensitivity to that still, small voice in all the noise and activity of our lives.  In silence, you realise how little you hear that voice at other times.

Silence can be hard. Life is busy and finding a space and time for silence can be difficult.  You have a thousand thoughts, like “what’s for dinner?” but the beauty of silence is that it’s not God speaking rhrough someone else, such as in a sermon or a Christian book, but God speaking directly to you.

For those of  you who are usually very busy – Lockdown has given us this gift.

God bless you all

Stay joyful, keep the faith, do the little things     


                                          SATURDAY 23rd MAY

EXCITING NEWS......from Cathy Grimmitt

My beautiful little granddaughter arrived on 16th May just before midnight. She's called Susannah Mary and weighed 5lbs 8ozs. Mary is Jeff's mum's name and my middle name.

 Ros (Cathy's daughter) and Jeff are taking her home today. She had to stay in a little longer as she's small and the feeding needed to be settled.

 We're all just over the moon. God has blessed us with this wonderful new life. It's such a shame I won't get a cuddle for a while but at least there's technology.

Love from Cathy xxx

 p.s. Eileen is so excited she's set up a GOOD NEWS PAGE on this website. 
So, have a look for  a beautiful photo! (and yes, I have permission for the new mummy and daddy!)

Fred Walker is out of hospital and back home. He is recovering slowly


Terry Green is also back home and making slow but steady progress.


We hold Fred, Terry  and Tom , and also their families in our prayers.
And we pray for all in our church family who have had very difficult times during the past weeks.
May God touch each of them with His love, hold them in His strength and fill them with His hope.





Maisie has received further donations for the Air Ambulance, and the total raised is now £410.
Big Thank You to all who have helped raise this amount.



“The anthem 'The UK Blessing,' which features singers from 65 different UK churches, has been viewed over 2.7million times on YouTube since its release on Sunday 3 May.

It’s a powerful blessing, and if you haven’t seen it yet, click this link. 


Also beautiful to watch and listen to is The Blessing (Kids) Recorded in 5 days during 'lockdown' in May 2020, and featuring children from the UK, USA, NZ, AUS, SA and many other nations , 'The Blessing (Kids)' unites the voices of children to sing these powerful words of scripture over friends, family, cities and our world.




Text Box:  HELPING HANDS.                                                                                                             

 Message Eileen Adams or Sarah Shaw if there’s anything at all we can help with.

Eileen has been a long-time on-line grocery shopper with Sainsbury’s so is managingto get a delivery most weeks.Others aren’t so fortunate. So, if you want her to, she’ll add YOUR shopping list to hers and will get it delivered to you. She has done that already for someone so it’s not a problem  but you WILL have to cook it yourself!
Or maybe you need a prescription collected, a letter posted or just a friendly voice.     



Check the church website for more news

Also circuit website

And finally …I read that if you were to wear glasses which turned the entire world upside down , it’s a remarkable fact that your brain would adapt to this new viewpoint within as little as five days.  Everything would then appear right-side-up! But don’t try this at home – it caused one psychologist to go mad when later removed!

I suspect that we all feel a bit like this at present – a bit topsy-turvey.

The first disciples fell like it after Jesus’ crucifixion. But then came His resurrection and His ascension He was taken up into heaven and he sat at the right hand of God. Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed His word by the signs that accompanied it (Mark 16: 19-20)

Stay joyful, keep the faith, do the little things

God bless you all   

Maureen  x                             


THIS is a busy week for prayer.......


20/20 prayer

TONIGHT pray for 20 minutes at 20.20 for the revival of god's church worldwide

Thursday 21st May

"Thy Kingdom come"

is a global call to prayer between 

Ascension Day on Thursday 21st May for nine days until Pentecost.

Details to be found on the "prayer" page of this website




Following a fall at home, Fred Walker is in hospital .He’s had a CT scan and they are keeping him in for a few days. Please hold Fred in your prayers.

Terry Green is back home recovering from his hernia operation. A care package is in place to help. It will help Jill if phone calls are limited. If you need to get in touch you can do so via Joy Jones 0121 550 6372. We hold Jill and Terry in our prayers.

 We continue to pray for Tom and family

 John  (Jeavons) had his 80th birthday on 14th. We couldn’t go out for a meal so we got a meal deal from M & S – next best thing !! He sends a thank you for all the birthday wishes.

Text Box:   Duncan & Susan bought him an Alexa for his birthday, so we spent last night setting it up. In the Jeavons household in lockdown this involved a desktop, 2 mobile phones and 2 patient grandchildren (remotely). At the end of the evening it was set up but not speaking to us so we gave up and turned it off to await lockdown permission for family visiting. BUT  later Duncan phoned with an idea, so John turned Alexa on again and Behold!! She was up and running and speaking without even trying the new idea!!! Amazing.


If you have a special event or birthday coming up – please let us know –phone or email

Maureen Jeavons 0121 550 7992

Also if there is someone you would like us to pray for



Maisie sends a big thank you to all who supported the plant sale. The plants sold very quickly, and many of you gave a donation, which she found very humbling. A total of £345 has been raised for the Air Ambulance.


Text Box:  HELPING HANDS.                                                                                                             

 Message Eileen Adams or Sarah Shaw if there’s anything at all we can help with.

Eileen has been a long-time on-line grocery shopper with Sainsbury’s so is managingto get a delivery most weeks.Others aren’t so fortunate. So, if you want her to, she’ll add YOUR shopping list to hers and will get it delivered to you. She has done that already for someone so it’s not a problem  but you WILL have to cook it yourself!     



Check the church website for more news

Also circuit website


20/20 PRAYER

Wednesday will be 20th. Please try to set aside 20 min. at 20.20 pm to pray for our world and its people, for the churches in our circuit, and for all who need our prayers just now.

Here’s a prayer from the Methodist church website

God of all hope we call on you today.
We pray for those who are living in fear:
Fear of illness, fear for loved ones, fear of other’s reactions to them.
May your Spirit give us a sense of calmness and peace.

We pray for your church in this time of uncertainty.
For those people who are worried about attending worship.
For those needing to make decisions in order to care for others
For those who will feel more isolated by not being able to attend.
Grant us your wisdom.

Holy God, we remember that you have promised that
Nothing will separate us from your love – demonstrated to us in Jesus Christ.
Help us turn our eyes, hearts and minds to you.                                                           Amen


Thy Kingdom Come is a world wide prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost. Since its launch by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in 2016, Christians from 172 countries and 65 denominations have taken part in praying for friends and family to come to Faith in Jesus Christ.  The Methodist Church in Britain has been a key ecumenical partner in Thy Kingdom Come since 2017.

The days between Ascension and Pentecost have always been full of expectation and anticipation.  As the Lord Jesus ascended, He promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to enable the disciples to be witnesses.  As they waited for the promise to be fulfilled they devoted themselves constantly to prayer (Acts 1: 14).so, the renewed call across the Chruch is to set these days apart to pray, and each individual to pray for for 5 people to come to know the love of Jesus Christ.

Write down the names of 5 people you will be praying for throughout Thy Kingdom Come from Ascension to Pentectost (May 21st – 31st)                       2020 logo2020 logo


2020 logo2020 logo

WHAT THIEF ?                                                                   A poem by Maureen Stanley


Text Box:  What thief is this -
That it should choose to
pluck and crush us to our knees ?

What thief is this -
That it should make our Nation fall and lives to freeze ?
What thief is this -
Devouring lives - both old and young

What thief is this -
That it decides to do us so much wrong?
What thief is this -
That baffles those who dare to try and win?

What thief is this -
That’s robs us of our loved ones, friends and kin?
What thief indeed -
That puts such fear into our life?

What thief exists -
That now rules us in our strife?

What thief is this-
That keeps us prisoners within four walls ?
And takes such satisfaction from our falls ?

What thief is this -
That pushes us to all fight back like hell?
What thief you ask -
That only time will tell ?


Text Box:  What thief is this –

That takes all dignity away?                                                                                  

Until at last , we live to see the day          
To venture out triumphant in our land
Embracing all we meet with shake of hand!!


Stay joyful, keep the faith,  do the little things

Text Box: God bless you all     Stay safe and well

Maureen        x             


Sunday 10th May

see the "from our minister"page for a pastoral letter from Joseph, Peter and Troy


a little nudge......
are you still lighting a candle in a window at 7.00on Sunday evenings
to pray for your neighbours?
you'll be surprised at the response you get if you do.
I've done it most nights through this lockdown and I'm amazed how many of my neighbours have asked for prayer.
 I wasn't sure they remembered what I'm doing but one lady told me yesterday that before she goes to bed she always checks to see if my candle is still alight. I was really moved by that.


Saturday May 9th

Hasbury Weekly News

From Chris Hadley

A big thank you from me and our family to everyone who has very kindly given donations in memory of Barbara which have amounted to £445.00.  These will be sent off to Action for Children next week.

A tribute for Barbara is now on the memories page of the Hasbury website


Sheila Baynham

Sheila, who came to our Tuesday Open Door meetings, passed peacefully away at home on April 10th at the age of 90. Rest in Peace Sheila.

We remember Sheila’s family in our prayers.




We pray for the staff and residents of Lapal House where there is an outbreak of corona virus. We pray for Kathleen Cruchley and Sheila Brookes, both of whom are residents there. Both are ok at present, though Kathleen is very confused and doesn’t fully understand that Ernest has died. We pray for them and for all care homes that residents and staff may be kept safe from this devastating situation.


We pray also for Tom and all his family who are waiting for an appointment to investigate very troubling symptoms. We pray that the appointment will be given soon and treatment started.


Terry Green had his hernia operation yesterday (Friday), and we pray for a good recovery for Terry.


If you would like us to pray for someone who needs our prayers, please let us know.

HELPING HANDS has been working well.  Prescriptions, shopping, scrubs bags for nurses have all been collected and delivered and we’re really grateful to everyone who’s been involved. We also had our first take up on the “phone buddy” idea.  Message me or Sarah Shaw if there’s anything at all we can help with. I’ve been a long-time on-line grocery shopper with Sainsbury’s so I’m managing to get a delivery most weeks. I know others aren’t so fortunate. So, if you want me to,  I’ll add YOUR shopping list to mine and I’ll get it delivered to you. I’ve done that twice already for someone so it’s not a problem  but you WILL have to cook it yourself!     


H.O.P.E.                                                From Eileen……………..


Hello Everyone. I had this communication from H.O.P.E. this week and thought you might be interested and/or inspired by the projects they’re supporting. I’d love to hear what you think and if there is any way we can serve our community during this time of lockdown. I know a lot of us are having to self-isolate but I don’t believe that word is synonymous with hibernate! My little cul-de-sac is becoming a very caring little community and this week we’re planning a street party for VE day! I’m really excited about that. I do hope you are all safe and well. Every blessing, Eileen

‘See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland’ (Isaiah 43:19)

Back in 2019 as we dreamed what 2020 would look like we wrote: ‘Imagine your church at the heart of your community as a beacon of hope for the least, the lost and the lonely. Imagine your neighbourhood transformed as the network of people connected with members of your church discover fresh hope as they come to know Jesus’ love for themselves….Many individuals and ministries are sensing that 2020 is a significant year in which we will see the church in the UK grow.’

We had no idea how God would work in this year. Now we see many people looking in on virtual church services and searching online for ‘How to Pray’ and ‘Peace with God’. We are committed to supporting the local church through this season, helping churches to make Jesus known with words and action together. We are developing new online resources and praying that churches will seize the opportunities of this new day, to help people find the hope they are looking for – hope found in Jesus.

Roy Crowne HOPE Together's Executive Director  Check out Hope Together 


One of the lovely things about V.E. Day was that we did our own thing. In Windsor Road we had tea on the drive, and music. And I met neighbours I didn’t know as people (mostly) social distanced and chatted over drives and walls. There weren’t many cars passing up and down, and drivers of those that were waved and smiled and it was just lovely. In lockdown we’ve had time to get to know our neighbours

These are words from Psalm 43 These things I remember as I pour out my soul: how I used to go with the multitude leading the procession to the house of God with shouts of joy and thanksgiving among the festive throng. I guess we’ve been remembering those joyous times with some sadness.  But the psalm continues Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Saviour and my God.

God is indeed doing a new thing.      Stay joyful, keep the faith , do the little things

God bless you all                    Stay safe and well


 *************************************************************************************                                                                    Tuesday May 5th 

I have today added a tribute to Barbara Bissell to the "Memories" page. Sorry it's taken a while but it's been hard for the family to "meet" to put it together. Thanks to Chris Hadley for a lovely tribute. 


                                                                 Tuesday May 5th

looking forward to FRIDAY! celebrations! some ideas for your neighbours...

observe 2 mins silence on your doorstep
            3.00            Churchill's speech will be broadcast on the B.B.C.
             4.00           grab a chair or picnic rug and head for your front  garden                             
                                 to join your neighbours tea, coffee, scones and cakes!                                                                     (maintaining social distancing please)

             6.00 (ish)  raise a glass with your meal to toast your neighbours
             9.00            H.M. The Queen will address the nation before we all join
                                  in a sing-along  (oh yes we will!)

                                                                  ENJOY THE DAY!


                                                              Monday May 4th

                                                     News of Kathleen Cruchley

                                                            Message from Joy Jones

Dear Friends, 

I have just received a message from Anne West regarding Kathleen and I know you will all have been wondering how she is coping, as we have, so I am sharing this update it with you.

Her son confirms that Lapal House does have Corona Virus and all residents are in isolation in their rooms!

Kathleen is in good safe hands and being well looked after, however it is very frightening for her as the staff are all wearing full PPE and she cannot grasp whats going on!

Her son is in touch by phone and is reassuring her that all is well and trying to help her understand, but they long to be able to visit and comfort her of course. She still has not fully grasped that Ernest has died which must be deeply distressing for everyone concerned. Her son has to keep gently telling her that it is true.

I know that we will all be continuing to hold Kathleen and the family in our prayers and give thanks for the excellent care she is getting at Lapal House, where the staff are doing all they can.

What difficult times we are going through..... but God is good !!

I hope everyone is keeping well.

Every Blessing



                                                            Sunday May 3rd

                                     WHO would like to hear some GOOD NEWS? 

Many of you will know Gill Williams from Short Cross. This year her family has been battling with a very serious health problem. Their daughter Rebecca (Bocca) was diagnosed with cancer. yesterday she sent me this wonderful email and has given me permission to share it with you. Eileen

Hello to you all, my dear friends

I hope that you are all staying well and safe in these difficult times we are facing. It's been a while since my last update about Rebecca's health.

She has been going through chemotherapy since December. A lot of ups and downs along the way, many down moments and many many tears. A very emotional time for us as a family. Fortunately her final session went ahead despite the lockdown. We pay tribute to our fantastic NHS.

 Yesterday her consultant appointment was by telephone.

 I am delighted to bring you the wonderful news that REBECCA HAS BEEN GIVEN THE ALL-CLEAR....SHE IS CANCER FREE!!!!

Such wonderful wonderful news. We had to share it all with her via FaceTime so the family celebrations cannot happen just now but oh, what a celebration it will be when we can meet up for lots of hugs!!

Rebecca was also told that her immune system is back to normal so leaving the house on a regular basis is now not such a scary option.

She will have five years of regular scans and blood tests but this is just routine monitoring.

It has been a long journey (almost a year!) and I am so very grateful to all of you who have given our family so much support with your kind encouraging words and your prayers.

 I have held on to two bible passages in particular - Psalm 23....

particularly verse 4 "Even though I go through the deepest darkness, I

 will not be afraid, Lord, for you are with me." (GNT)

Jeremiah 29:11... "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". (NIV)

The first one gave me strength even though my faith has been tested many times over the last year; the second gave me the trust that God has Rebecca's life safely in His hands.

Many things happen in our daily lives, events that do not make any sense to us, but we have a faith and a trust in God that He always knows the bigger picture, and on that alone we know we can depend.

So please celebrate with me.

Celebrate that Rebecca and Dylan have become a stronger team and can move forward in confidence with the rest of their lives together. Celebrate that we, as a family can, never forget what's happened, but can move on with a happier future together. And celebrate that we have a wonderful God who is taking care of us all.

Keep well and stay safe, my friends.... see you all as soon as it is safe to meet together once more.

God Bless

Gill xx


                                                                Saturday May 2nd

From Joy Jones…………………..Hello everyone 

I hope you are all well and in good spirits. I know however that many in our church family will be carrying heavy burdens emotionally at this time so I wanted to share some comforting words I read yesterday with you.  

A quiet time of meditation .....

Set yourself aside for about 10 minutes with your bible open at Matthew 11v 25-28. and be still before God. 

In  this reading  Jesus says 'Come to me all you who are weary and carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." 

What burdens are you carrying at the moment? Let God know...…..Are you weary?...… …..are you carrying tension in your body?...…….. let Jesus look at you comfort and heal you...….. Do you need rest from all that is going on?........share this with Him...……..... Read the passage from Matthew again. How is Jesus speaking these words to you?...….... Hear his invitation to you personally. How is Jesus wanting to help you carry your burdens today? Trust Him. Thank Him." 

Adapted from    Wed 29th April 

I found that so helpful I hope you will too. 

Every Blessing 


Several people say they are having trouble with finding Lecio365 daily online devotional. 

So.…. go to Google search bar, type in 'lecio365'  hit search button and a  page will come up with an install button. Click this and wait for it to download. You should then find a turquoise Icon on you desktop. Hope this works. Keep trying! 



HELPING HANDS has been working well this last week. 

Prescriptions, shopping, scrubs bags for nurses have all been collected and delivered and we’re really grateful to everyone who’s been involved. We also had our first take up on the “phone buddy” idea.
I’m  a bit concerned that some folk are being tempted to go shopping rather than “bother” someone else. Well the “someone elses” are ready and willing to help so let’s continue to stay safe. Message me or Sarah Shaw if there’s anything at all we can help with. I got back from my walk today to find a bag of wool in my porch so I can keep knitting twiddlemuffs! How good was that.
I’ve been a long-time on-line grocery shopper with Sainsbury’s so I’m managing to get a delivery most weeks. I know others aren’t so fortunate. So, if you want me to,  I’ll add YOUR shopping list to mine and I’ll get it delivered to you. I’ve done that twice already for someone so it’s not a problem  but you WILL have to cook it yourself!     



After I was given a nudge by our full-time, front-line NHS powerhouse nurse, Michelle Mills,  it was decided to prepare for the May Messy Church as “normal”. We chose the theme of God’s Promises ( rainbow theme!) so Michelle prepared the craft activities and recorded a treasure hunt and prayer on her phone ( she’d lost me by then).
I prepared a “script” and powerpoint and then we had to fathom how to put it on-line.

So we phoned TROY!!!!!! He’s now second only to Captain Tom as our number one hero (with his wife our number one heroine because she recorded all the talky bits)!
May Messy church is now on Facebook and accessible via our Circuit web site   
Since then we’ve had enquiries from folk who used to come to MC, others who have never come and our  usual “gang”. Michelle has produced and delivered (with partner Tim helping too) craft bags for all the children. If you know of any bored primary age kids, point them to the Messy church facebook page and PRAY that we can draw them into the Jesus family.    Eileen.



You can read a circuit newsletter from Central at

 the Website at Or on our Facebook page Blackheath and Halesowen Methodist Circuit Blessings Troy



 …… May 9th, on which date Maisie was thinking of doing a coffee morning for the Air Ambulance. Her neighbour has been growing 100 fuschias.  Well, they won’t fit into his garden!! So he’s going to put them on Maisie’s drive  (14 Mayfield Road) with a donation box and if you’d like to pass by between 10.00 am – 1.00pm on that date, (maintaining social distance of course) you can buy a fuschia or two for the Air Ambulance


                                                            Friday May 1st 

Hello everyone

This week has been a week of sadness as we said our farewell to our Sylvia. We stood alongside her on her journey and now we are confident that she is with her Lord in peace and joy.

We hold John and all of the family in our hearts and prayers as we move forward on an unknown road.

God bless you all

Maureen x

There's a lovely letter  from our superintendent minister, Joseph Suray paying tribute to Sylvia, on the "from our minister " page


                                                              WEDNESDAY 29th APRIL


 The order of service for Sylvia's funeral is on the Memories Page of the Hasbury website and the Circuit website so that we can share in the service wherever we are.

I know some of you are hoping to stand at various places along the route that the funeral cortege will pass, and some outside the church.

John requests that we stand in silent prayer at whatever point we choose and allow Sylvia and the family the silent and calm dignity that she and they would wish.


                                                                   SATURDAY 25th  APRIL

                                                   try praying...a message from Joy Jones

A plastic see through box containing some Try Praying Booklets  has been left outside the church near to the path for people to help themselves to a copy. Please can we join our prayers together asking God that passers-by who are anxious or frightened at this time and need God’s  help will take a copy, use it and be blessed by it.  

It appears that the number of internet searches for ‘How to pray’ has gone through the roof over the last few weeks. God is doing a new thing at this time in history. Praise be!


Also can anyone encourage me by letting me know if they have looked at the on line  lecio 365 Daily Devotional which I mentioned last week. I think it’s a really helpful resource for personal meditation and prayer and would love to know what others think. ( just google lecio365 and download the app)



                                                                 FRIDAY 24th  APRIL


 From Chris Hadley:-


Dear Friends

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has sent their love and support to our family after the death of Barbara.  The funeral on Monday was incredibly moving and even though there were only fourof us in the crematorium, it felt like so many more people were there with us in spirit from our church family. We really felt that we were surrounded by your love and prayers. We know some of you followed the service and we would like to give special thanks to Peter for a truly beautiful and personal service. We would also like to thank people for the donations that have been received to date in Barbara's memory.....

 these will be sent to Action for Children in the next few weeks. 

Love from

Christine x




Sylvia’s funeral will be held on April 30th at 3.30 pm at Stourbridge Crematorium. I will sent the Order of Service nearer the time so that we can share with the family from wherever we are.  We continue to hold John and the family in our hearts and prayers.  


Are on the Circuit Web Page - Reflections






Today I watched the  second Daily  devotional with Pete Grieg.
He talks  about "courage in a time of containment"
Danger, he says, brings with it opportunity and he encourages us to find creative ways
to share HOPE and LOVE with our neighbours. 
Do have a look. It only lasts 15 minutes and is comforting as well as challenging.
Isaiah 41:10 "Do not fear. I AM WITH YOU"

The words most often used in the Bible he says are "Do not be afraid."



sent by a friend this made me smile.... order to lighten up the mood a little, people in Australia have been dressing up when they take out their bins... Superman costumes, Wonderwoman, animals,nursery rhyme characters (one woman thought dressing as the grim reaper was funny but I'm not sure about that!) It's a fact that 2020 will be remembered as the year when our bins went out more often than we did! The newspaper article which shared the trend with us  suggests that we might adopt the same habit here(well we do all go out and clap  so why not dress up?) Biggest problems for me are a)remembering which day the bins go out  AND b)  what day is it today?



yes, it's the 20th already!


Prayer 2020

Join with us praying for 20 minutes at 20:20 (8.20pm) on the 20th of each month throughout 2020 – asking God to open hearts to respond to Jesus’ love. 

We believe the year 2020 will be an unprecedented year of harvest from the gospel seeds sown over the past decade and more. We are not the only ministry to be sensing this. Denominations and ministries across the UK are preparing for 2020 and opportunities to invite people to respond to Jesus’ offer of life in all its fullness


I have recently discovered a new online daily prayer and devotional called.  lecio365. It takes around 10 minutes and is really worth looking at. Today's was based on 2 Chronicles 7 v14 and was very special. 


"When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."


It appears that people around the world are entering their prayers on these verses this week. Could we be encouraged to raise our voices and join with these prayers maybe starting tonight the 20th April 2020 at 8. 20pm! 

Joy Jones




Lots of people are "doing their bit" to support the NHS - and one another - through this period of self isolation. 

I feel sure you'll have seen the reports about  Capt Tom Moore (£18,000,000.00 AND COUNTING!) 

if you'd like to thank him by sending him a 100TH  birthday card on April 30th  his address is..c/o P.O. Ltd 67 Bedford rd, Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire MK 43 0LA

So I thought I'd share some news about what WE'RE doing...

  • Alison Price is collecting tubes of hand cream to send to nurses whose hands are so sore. She'll be happy to accept cash donations to purchase more


  •  and talking about sore, we've been told that doctors and nurses are getting sore ears from constantly wearing masks so, if you're able to crochet could you make some of these, please

sore ears   Sore-Ear Saver Mask Holder

Chain 7 (10, 13)

Row 1: Sc in 1st ch from hook, hdc in next 4 (7, 10) sts, sc in last st. 6 (9, 12) sts

Row 2: Ch1, sc in first st, hdc in next 4 (7, 10) sts, sc in last st.

Fasten off. Tuck ends.

Sew buttons to each end of the ear saver. don't worry if you don't have buttons. I have LOTS.

  • "pump bags" for nurses to put their uniforms in each day and take home to be washed are still needed. Lost track of how many we've made. a HUGE thank you to everyone who's contributed. If you can't make them but have unwanted cotton (or poly cotton) fabric please contact Alison Price or Michelle Mills. 
  • HELPING HANDS  already has LOTS of volunteers and have already collected and delivered groceries, pump bags and a prescription. If you need a helping hand please ASK! email Eileen Adams or use the CONTACT US page on this website. and if you know anyone who is feeling lonely and would like a "phone buddy" tell them to contact us too. 



news from Maureen Jeavons

Hello Everyone


Our thoughts and prayers at this time are very much with John and the family. We long so much to be able to be with them to support them, and in these very strange times, we aren’t able to do that.

I will make sure that  John has all your responses to the news of Sylvia’s passing, so he can feel something of the love we wrap around him and the family just now.

John wants you to know that he and the family feel heartened and draw strength from the messages of love and our prayers .

Sylvia’s funeral will be held on April 30th at 3.30 pm at Stourbridge Crematorium.
Peter will conduct the service and there will be family flowers only. I’ll pass on any other information when it’s available, but John did say that when all the Coronavirus disruption is passed, there will, in accordance with Sylvia’s wishes, 
be “a bit of a do”. Can’t you just hear her saying that !!


The funeral for Ernest Cruchley will be on Friday 17th April at 10.45. Please hold Ernest’s family in your prayers at this time

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Ernest, donations will be accepted for The Welcome Group -  which offers friendship and support for refugees and their families.

Cheques should be made out to The Welcome Group Halesowen and sent to Elizabeth Lacon, 27 Belbroughton Road, Halesowen, B63 4NB

Or you can make a payment to TSB bank

Sort code 30-93-75 Account no. 01248428 (please state in memory of Ernest Cruchley)


Also our prayers will be with Barbara Bissell's  family who will be saying their Goodbye’s on Monday 20th April.

An order of service is available in the "MEMORIES"section of the website. for Barbara’s funeral which is at 1.30pm, so we can share that with them even though we can’t be there physically. .

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Barbara, donations will be accepted for Action for Children

Please make cheques payable to Action for Children, and write Barbara Bissell on the back of the cheque. Send the cheques to Marcus Adams, 21 Birley Grove, Halesowen, B63 1EP


A Message of HOPE from Pam Cummings 

These are certainly 'different' times.  Good positive things as well as sad things.
Saw this poem in a little book from HOPE that came from the Mary Stevens Hospice this week
(they are so kind and ring me every Monday for a chat) and I felt that sometimes when you can't seem to find God he is still there watching over you.  Just thought I would like to share it with you   -  God bless . Pam




An old African tribal custom was that when a boy was thirteen he became a man.

However, to prove that he was now a man, he would be blindfolded and taken into the jungle to spend the night.

If he stayed,  then it proved that he was ready to be a great warrior. 
So, the boy was taken and left.


He heard sounds that frightened him. He imagined so many things that would happen to him. 

Perhaps animals would pick up his scent and kill him?  The darkness seemed as though it would never end.


But morning did come and the chief came to take off the blindfold and welcomed him as a man.


As the boy's eyes got used to the light, the first thing he saw was his father sitting a short distance from him. 

He had been there all night watching over his son.


When our days seem long and dark, and we lose sight of God, 

morning comes and faith shows us that he was there all the time.



When we’re all self-isolating and numbers at funerals are restricted it’s hard for us not to be able to “show our respects” and this seemed to offer an opportunity to share with one another. We will however, only include people on this page if the family is in agreement. 

It would be lovely if folk would send items, memories or messages which I could post on these pages. The family of each person could then read all the messages in one place. Send them either to Eileen or Maureen with the word “memories” in the subject box   

to look at the Memories page click on the heading. On the right hand side you'll see   a number (his will change as we add more names). Click on this and you'll find a list of names. Select the one you wish to view and click again.  Or names should appear in the  subject bar a t the top of the page.                                                                                                                                          ***************************************************************************************************************************  

HELPING HANDS” is an informal group of folk within the church family who are willing to help out at this time.
Some will collect groceries or prescriptions, others phone anyone who needs to hear a friendly voice, another can do simple “odd jobs” and another can supply craft packs for families with young children.
Please send offers of help to Eileen (or use the contact us page)  with a mobile phone number if possible.
Sarah Shaw will be posting requests for help on a WhatsApp account.
Whilst we’ve heard wonderful support from neighbours I know there are one or two folk who are “slipping through the 


…to May 9th, on which date Maisie was thinking of doing a coffee morning for the Air Ambulance. Her neighbour has been growing 100 fuschias.  Well, they won’t fit into his garden!! So he’s going to put them on Maisie’s drive with a donation box and if you’d like to pass by between 10.00 am – 1.00pm on that date, (maintaining social distance of course) you can buy a fuschia or two for the Air Ambulance


and, finally, news from our church PROPERTY STEWARD


Dave Raxster has been going up to the church several times a week.
Each time he sanitises the important areas of the church and ties a piece of thread across the entrance doors.
It seems that someone has gone into the church premises in between his visits.
This raises concern for the safety of his health and he then has to re-sanitise when he enters, and again when he leaves. It’s really important for Dave that NO-ONE goes in and out of the church without telling him – and arranges to re-sanitise everything they touch.


GOOD NEWS !!!!! (April 15th )

At lunch time today (Kilrot) have certified the floor as sound and we can can go ahead and organise the vinyl. Which I will begin as soon as I have the certificate in my hands, and Ken Holmes has confirmed we are good to go. So 9 months later we can begin phase 2. So maybe I’ll be able to get some sleep.

With much relief        David.

Many thanks Dave from all of us for all your dedication and hard work



                               I received this from some special friends in Australia 

and felt it was worth  sharing 

Eileen x



and Jenny Willetts posted this picture of her Easter Cross. 

She's taken the Hasbury tradition from here to Papua new Guinea 

and now to Melbourne!



and there's more!...... 

  • Jill Green printed a photo and sent a copy to all her neighbours, 
  • Maureen Jeavons shared the Hasbury photo with Al-anon                                                        (and had to explain to someone keen to go and take a look that it was a picture from LAST year!) and 
  • I made one for my neighbours and was very moved to find that they's added flowers to it by the evening. So, with our beautiful cross  we're spreading HOPE this Easter. about, when all this mayhem is over, 

       we put our cross outside our  church to express our joy?

  • ****************************************************************************


                                        This morning we woke up to some very sad news.                                                  This message came to many of us from Maureen Jeavons

     With deep sadness, I have to tell you that I have heard from John that Sylvia has lost her battle                     for life, and passed away very peacefully at 5.35 this morning at Mary Stevens Hospice.

       I'm writing this through the tears and I feel that a light has gone out for us,                                                       but I know that's not really so, because the love and light that was Sylvia will always be with us

       And as deep as our grief is, the welcome rejoicing that she has in Heaven                                                       as she joins her Lord will be so much greater.

      Thank you Sylvia for being a part of our lives.

      John and all the family, we hold you in our prayers and we wrap our love around you.                                             If you need us to do anything, just shout.

                  Maureen xx (and the whole church family)


  a message from our Minister  

  Dear Friends,

 It is with great sadness and heaviness of heart that we receive the news that Sylvia has gone to be with the Lord.
I know that for the Church Family at Hasbury, the wider Circuit, and especially John and his family, 
this is a devastating loss. Sylvia's life, faith, and witness was an inspiration to many. Her energy was irrepressible; her zeal unabated; her hospitality full of grace; 
her compassion and industry on behalf of the vulnerable unstinting;             
and her love for family and friends beyond measure.   

She had a smile that was matchless - which shone from a heart that loved Jesus  and was dedicated to serving others and his kingdom. 

 The church family has lost a great friend who was a confidant and care-giver to so many.                                                     
 In our sadness, let us remember that Sylvia had an Easter faith.                                                     Her risen Saviour welcomed her home with joy, a faithful servant and inspiration
to the very end, even though this may be hard for us to bear.                                                                                                                                     
She will always be missed, but her legacy will inspire our faith and commitment to God          and our love and encouragement for each other.

Rest in peace my dear sister as you behold and walk in the presence of our risen Saviour.


        Peter & Carole


 POST SCRIPT  in view of the fact that already three people we have loved have died                                     
 and we've   been unable to "pay our respects" as we would like to,                                                                 we've decided to set up a "memorial"page on this website. 

 Please send your messages to either Maureen Jeavons or Eileen Adams   or via the "contact us" page                 (with "memories" in the subject box so they don't get lost) and we'll add them as often as necessary.                   We'll only include photographs with the permission of their families.



Today we Celebrate the RISEN LORD JESUS


   Image may contain: plant, flower, tree, sky and outdoor

 Thursday April 9th

  •      A message from John Smith

          “Sylvia and John continue to be greatly blessed by all the prayers, messages, support and the wonderful love that is                                            continually being given
           Sylvia continues to ‘battle on’ however, coping with the effects of chemotherapy is challenging; she was transferred from                                home to Mary Steven’s Hospice on Tuesday in order that she can receive appropriate respite care
            We will keep you informed on her progress”

            We send Sylvia and John all our love and prayers

  • Message from Eileen Adams 
  • Have just heard that apparently the Dr overseeing the PM’s care is Chief Consultant in Critical Care at St Thomas’s hospital. He is a godly believer and attends Spurgeons Tabernacle. He has asked for prayer that the Lord will be with him in the conversations he has with Boris about his faith. Please share this so as many as possible can be praying.

    It comes from a member at Craft group who is a Christian and she’s had this message from her granddaughter 



    We can’t be together for our Lent Lunch this Good Friday, but we can still share.

    We can follow the Lent Liturgy for this Easter Weekend. 

    And then we can all have lunch at 1.00pm – soup, bread and cheese, and be together in spirit.

    We usually give a donation to Christian Aid, so you might like to make a donation on line,                                            or save your donation until we are able to meet again and bring it along then.

    Sarah Shaw is trying to get some music onto Facebook with Troy’s help, and possibly the Website. 


    Monday April 6th     

   GOOD NEWS! a message from Tom & Louisa SealImage may contain: ultrasound

we are so.... thrilled for you both. MANY

     WEEKLY NEWS from Maureen Jeavons...

          Hello everyone

  •  After I sent the last newsletter, I found out that the lovely daffodils in the church garden had been donated and planted by            Matthew Parkes (Jackie and John’s son). Thank you so much Matthew. They are a real sign of hope in these dark days.
  •  Maureen Stanley is in touch with Veronica in Lagos, Nigeria, and has sent her the prayers, news and services that we have                     circulated and messaged her saying that we were thinking of her .

         She received the following message and prayer from Veronica

         Thanks very much for all your wonderful prayers and concerns ,love - my regards to all the family’s of God in the church .                    I love you all and please stay safe In The Name Our Lord Jesus Christ amen ��thanks xxxxxxxxxx .

          In this month of April, I wish you and your loved ones :-                                         

                              A  Accelerated promotion  with

                              P- Preservation & Prosperity. 

                              R- Restoration &Renewal. 

                               I- Immunity against Calamities. 

                               L- Long life with good health and sound mind in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.   

          Others may say April Fool but we say that our lives shall be full with joy and contentment, miracles and endless blessings. 

          The anointing for excellence shall be divinely granted upon your life and you will Excel in every aspect. 

          You will soar high and higher in Jesus name. 

          Do have a good morning, a  better Wednesday and the very best of this month. Shalom!



           The funeral of The Revd Ernest Cruchley will take place at Rowley Regis Crematorium     
           on 17th April at 10.45am. Please hold Kathleen and the family in your prayers at this difficult time.

           There is a video link but we are strictly asked by the family NOT TO WATCH IT AT THE TIME.                                                              They fear that if too many people go on, Peter (his son) who is in Singapore may not be able                                                           to take part. It was always Ernest's wish that Peter should take his funeral service                                                                                  Also there will be many family members who will not be able to attend                                                                                                        because of the Corona Virus restrictions and they will want to take part in this way.

            The link will be available for 28 days after the funeral and I will send you this link after the service.                                               Please keep strictly to this request.

                               Anne West ( friend and member of St Margaret’s Church)  RIP Ernest missing you already



       Good morning folks, today (April 3rd)                                                                                                                                                         

        Today Margaret and I have been and refreshed the church and stera wiped all the important places.                                                                  While I was there I tap tested the the floor and I only found 3 small voids which I think are insignificant                                                           (hallelujah praise the Lord).
          I have contacted Vagdia Holmes and Kilrot to invite them over to confirm my finding.

        Thank you for your patience I think we are getting there

                          In Gods service. David.

Thank you Dave for your hard work and words of hope !

....and there's more!



                        Read Brian’s story which Brenda Yau sent to us. Her daughter Emily works with a lad named Ashley, and Brian is his                            father. Several of you have responded that this is inspirational.                                                                                                                    It certainly makes us realise that “This too will pass”, and we have lots of resources which Brian didn’t have.

                        EDITOR: I've created a separate page for Brian's story for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to read it.

                                                                               ....and there's even more!

        Ken Tivey sent an email from the Gideons with a prayer

  • Extracted from a daily reading book by Billy Graham (in italics)

    Psalm 108:13 With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies.

    There are two ways of getting out of a trial. One is to simply try to get rid of the trial, and be thankful when it’s over. The other is to recognise the trial as a challenge from God to claim a larger blessing then we have ever had.

    Sometimes God removes our trials, and it isn’t necessarily wrong to ask Him to do that. But often the trials remain, and when they do, we should accept them and ask God to teach us from them.

    As Peter Marshall once put it, “God will not permit any troubles to come upon us, unless He has a specific plan by which great blessing can come out of the difficulty.”

    It is through the suffering, the tests and trials of life that we can draw near to God. A B Simpson once heard a man say something he never forgot: “When God tests you, it’s a good time to test Him by putting His promises to the proof, and claiming from Him just as much as your trials have rendered necessary.”

    Someone has calculated that there are 7487 promises by God to man. Here are just a few from Isaiah and a famous one from Joshua:

    Isaiah 40:29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

    Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

    Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

    Isaiah 43:2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

    Isaiah 54:10 Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the LORD, who has compassion on you.

    Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

    Father God, we come to You at this troubling time, thanking You that You are not only our God, but our Father. We thank You that we are united as Your servants, as well as brothers and sisters in Christ.

    We pray for each other, that we will be kept safe and well. You know our individual circumstances, which vary from person to person, especially our health, but we pray that You will help us to take on board Your promises.

    We pray for members of Gideon branches across the UK and overseas. Especially we uphold the HQ staff, currently working from home. May each one of them know your presence in a very real way, and Your guidance for coming days.

    We are reminded in Your Word to pray for those in authority. What difficult decisions they are having to make. May they seek that wisdom that comes from above.

    We particularly pray for all involved in the NHS. Their dedication to their tasks is outstanding. Preserve them, Oh Lord, especially those who are known personally to us.

    May Your Word and our fellowship, though apart, strengthen us now and in the days 

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  •  Thoughts from Maggie and Jon Jones


 Thank you for all the messages of hope that everyone is sharing.
  Thought I’d share this. Like many I followed Andrew’s service on Circuit website this morning. Palm Sunday has always                         been important to me, marking the beginning of that very special journey into Holy Week. This year I started thinking                           about Palm Sunday earlier than usual.
We were in Agra,India. Due to make the obligatory visit to the Taj Mahal.  Having been before we knew that this is a truly                    beautiful place ( it really does take your breath away). But this year we went to another beautiful place in Agra....                                  

St George’s Cathedral. But It wasn’t the building that made this beautiful, it was an eight year old girl who was helping her  father doing some preparation for a service that would be held the next day. She welcomed us into the church with joyous enthusiasm, she was desperate for us to write in the visitors book  and watched eagerly as we each wrote our messages and then proudly read them out to her father.

 I started talking to her and she told me that she loved singing hymns and particularly at Christmas when the church would be               decorated. When I asked her if they had special services at Easter time. She started to tell me the Palm Sunday story, we ended up actually sharing the description of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  She was thrilled that I knew what she was talking about  and I was equally thrilled to experience yet again the fellowship   that the wider Church can share. 

 So today I have been thinking and praying for her, her family and the many, so many wonderful people we met in India  just a few weeks ago. This afternoon I received messages from a young couple who had shared our holiday but  had had different flight arrangements home. They have actually been stuck in Delhi ever since. They have finally heard that they should be on a flight on 11th or 12th. They are following lock down rules but have been well looked after by positive  people. 
My thoughts go out to the whole world at this time but that’s almost too huge to get ones head round.                                                     
So right now my thoughts and prayers go out to each of you. 

 Keep safe and keep looking after each other. x Maggie

                                                    ....and there's even  more! just for your amusement

Musings on Plugs

Our wash basin taps had a widget

A lever secured at the rear,

To push in the plug and then lift it

Smart – so we fitted it here.


But… after time we found it was leaking,

And water began dripping  down.

Under the basin this seeping

Made a damp patch (we found with a frown)


Well, you don’t want a damp patch down under,

So we bought some new leverless taps.

These new ones were pop-ups – such wonder

We smiled and gave happy claps.


But now… some weeks have passed,

And problems have just reared their head.

As the taps that we thought would last

Have been doomed to failure instead.


Now our high spirits are dropping.

See our frowns, hear our sighs of despair,

For the plug is not up and downing,

But just hovers about in mid-air.


                                                                And now I have dreams of a new goal –                                                            

The answer is strikingly plain !!

I long for a standard old plug hole.

With a plug that’s attached to a chain.





Tuesday March 31st March

          This is a copy if a  message  just received from Veronica in Lagos :

          Thanks very much for all your wonderful prayers and cousins,love my regards to all the family’s of God in the church ⛪️.                   I love you all and pls stay save In The Name Our Lord Jesus Christ amen �� thanks 

   HASBURY NEWS from Maureen Jeavons 

      Hello everyone

       News of the church family:

        Please remember in your prayers those of our church family who are in care homes:

        Pauline Apperley                     Mary Jones                              Janice Ledbury

        Jean Dunn is in sheltered accommodation

         Audrey and Peter are staying with their daughter Joy

         Fred Walker has a granddad flat with Duncan and Susan

         Veronica is in Nigeria where she is visiting family (see latest message above)

          We continue to pray for Sylvia and John,  Pam and Alan

         We hold these loved ones in our prayers, and all of our church family who live alone and so are especially isolated just now.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………                                                     NEWS OF THE CHURCH BUILDING:

The holes in the floor have now been filled in. This has been an ongoing problem which has now (hopefully) been resolved.                   
A solution has been spread over the floor and this is now dry.

This is the second time this solution has been laid. After the first time, holes were found to be underneath the floor  and the contractors hoped to avoid a second solution application as the material has to come from Germany, so it’s a very expensive procedure. (The cost of this is covered by the contractors).

Dave Raxster will tap check the floor on Friday (with a big stick !) to check for any more possible holes



           As you can see from Dave’s photos (sorry site editor can't fathom how to include these atm) ,                                                             the floor is marked with grids to make sure it is all checked.

           If all is well and the floor is completely dry, it will then be ready for the vinyl floor covering to be laid.

           Dave goes to the church  several times a week to check the building, make sure all surfaces are sterile (the                               contractors were there during the last week) and generally check security.

            Dave has practically lived at the church whilst all the flooring work has been carried out                                                                   and we owe him a BIG debt of gratitude for all that he does (often unnoticed).                                                                                          I know he would be really glad of any offers of help with the general maintenance which he does.

            BIG thank you also to his long suffering wife Margaret

             Lots of love to you both xxx




Sunday March 29th. 

                                                                  Thanks to Jackie Parkes for this lovely photo of our church.                                                                                                                                                  Daffodils are such a joy.                                                                                                            Spring     really is coming. Easter too!

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      Saturday 28th March

  • Jean Dunn's    96th birthday! Nearly time for a telegram! many Happy return
  •  Barbara Bissell's funeral will be on April 20th at 1.30 at Stourbridge Crematorium.                                           Obviously only very immediate family will be able to go,                                                                               but can you make a note of the date and time and we can all pray for the family at that time

      Friday  27th March 

  •                        Quick news flash:

                                John Smith has asked to let you know that Sylvia is showing some signs of improvement.                                                                 She has managed to eat a (very) small amount. (Sorry you're not into the fish n chips yet Sylvia !!).                                                 We all hope and pray that you continue to improve, little by little, and send you lots of love xxx

  •                        Roy Parton is back home. Well done Roy - you escaped !                                                                                                                           Lots of love - hope all goes well for you now healthwise xxx
  •                         Jean Dunn will be 96 tomorrow.  Jean is in sheltered housing in Kidderminster.                                                                            She is quite lonely there as she has lost all her contacts from round here.                                                                                         It would be lovely if some of you who know Jean well could phone her and wish her a                                                                Happy Birthday. Her phone no. is 01562 66850.                                                                                                                                              I'm sure it would help her to know she's not forgotten.                                                                                                                               She doesn't hear too well so please be patient

         Tuesday 24th March 

  •                         because of problems with self-isolation within the family we're asked not to contact                                                                  Kath at the moment. She doesn't yet know of Ernest's death so it wouldn't be appropriate                                                      to send cards or messages at this time
  •                         I spoke to Audrey Beasley on the phone yesterday. She and Peter are doing well

           Monday 23rd March 2020

                                We heard more sad news yesterday. Ernest Cruchley has died in hospital                                                                                                 and Kath continues to be cared for at Lapal House. 

  • Sunday 22nd March 2020
    •                      sadly our first item is to inform you of the sudden death of Barbara Bissell. 

                                   we have no further information at this time but will update this page as soon as we do.

    •                       up-date on Roy Parton. He's still in the QE hospital and frustratingly unable to have visitors -                                                the hospital policy at the moment is for NO visitors.                                                                                                                                    The hope is that he'll come home in the early part of this coming  week.
    •                       Peter & Audrey Beasley are staying with their daughter in Kinver
    •                        Veronica is at present in Nigeria where they also have the virus
    •                        Ernest Cruchley is also in the QE hospital and Kath is being cared for at Lapal House

                                Please keep all these dear people and their families in your prayers

                                 If you want to add anything to this page let us know via the "contact us" page or                                                                                    phone Eileen Adams or Maureen  Jeavons