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Thursday 21st May is Ascension Day 

and we're called to join in a global prayer initiative called 

"Thy Kingdom come"

Read the letter blow from our ministers

Dear friends,

We are in the post resurrection season when we recall how Jesus appeared to his disciples over a period of forty days teaching them about the kingdom of God.  These were vitally important days, according to the gospel narratives, when he enabled, encouraged, envisioned, and emboldened them, thus laying the foundation for what was to come.

On Thursday, May 21st, we will celebrate Ascension Day when our Lord ascended to the Father in triumph (see Psalm 68:18 and Ephesians 4:8-10), and ten day later He poured out the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost on the Young Church to raise up a global movement to take the whole gospel to the whole world.

We are the inheritors of this global movement that was birthed in prayer (See Acts 1:14).  We have an opportunity to join with others as part of a global prayer movement called Thy Kingdom Come.  This is a movement of people coming together to pray during those nine days from Ascension to Pentecost (May 21st – May 31st) for a mighty outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit across the globe during these traumatic and challenging times when many people are searching for answers to life’s questions.  We want to invite you to identify five (5) individuals to pray for so that they might come to know the love of God for them in Christ.

Please use this link;

This will take you to the Thy Kingdom Come resource page for a pattern of daily prayers to be used throughout the day and a specific pattern of prayer for the five individuals you have identified.

As we pray Thy Kingdom Come may the Lord Jesus pour out His Holy Spirit afresh upon the church, to breathe new life into his people to live the gospel, to share God’s love with our community, and to pray that the Father’s lost children will come home.   


Every blessing in Christ Jesus,


Peter, Joseph, Troy.




Take a shoe lace or piece of ribbon, wool or string.
Tie in it 5 knots, one each for the people you would like to give their lives to Christ.
Keep it in a pocket, inside your bible or somewhere else you'll see it every day.
Then, pray for each of those people, every day until Pentecost (and beyond!)



If you’re praying for a loved one who is unsaved then here’s a bible promise for you:

“He is patient…not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

2 Peter 3:9

Remove the word “everyone” and insert the name of your loved one.
Remember that the last miracle Jesus worked was saving a thief who hung on a cross beside him:
“today you shall be with me in paradise.” Luke 23: 43

No matter how far away your loved one may be God’s grace and mercy can still reach them.
So keep praying for them. 
(I met a man recently who prayed for his dad to return to Christ for FORTY years before he did!)
Don’t give up!

Maybe your prayer could be for someone to cross your loved one’s path who will point them in the right direction and journey with them.
Above all, don’t get discouraged, don’t doubt.
Remember that it is GOD’S WILL to save them.
When we pray in accordance with God’s will we can approach Him with confidence.
Know for certain that He hears our prayers


"Thy Kingdom Come"

     Sunday - Loving Father, as we approach a Christmas season that looks very different
     to normal we thank you, that while we may not be able to be with our families
     and loved ones in person, we know that You are always with them. 
     Where there is weariness, would you bring Your rest:
     where there is hopelessness, would You bring fresh encouragement;
     where there is despair, would you bring fresh HOPE. AMEN

    Saturday - Loving Father, we ask You to draw near to people who ned Your loving touch      because of ill-health. We pray especially for those who are more likely than others to       
    become seriously ill from Covid 19 - the elderly and people with chronic 
    health  conditions. We ask for your protection for them, for You to be their comfort in     
    times of uncertainty.
   Please take away the fear, anxiety and feelings of isolation from people receiving 
   treatment or under quarantine.
   Protect their families and friends and bring peace to all who love them. AMEN.

  Friday - Loving Father, we are so grateful for all our healthcare and other key workers,      for their invaluable service to us all. 

  As we pray for them today, we ask that they may know your love and peace as they serve    others. That they may know Your joy in the face of suffering, and that they may     know  Your hope for the future. 

  We also give thanks for all the scientists and medical experts involved  in finding a 
  coronavirus vaccine. We thank God for their perseverance, dedication and service.